Young Sheldon fans sent into meltdown as Big Bang feature debuts in prequel ‘Finally!’

Young Sheldon fans sent into meltdown as Big Bang feature debuts in prequel ‘Finally!’


Young Sheldon: Trailer for season five finale

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Twelve-year-old Sheldon Cooper (played by Iain Armitage) has been showing even more signs of his older self in the latest season of the hugely popular Big Bang Theory spin-off, Young Sheldon. Friday night’s season finale saw the boy genius take his first crucial steps into adulthood, and fans watching on CBS were thrilled to see an iconic feature from the original series make its debut.

Sheldon finally swapped his button-down shirts for his signature graphic tee in the final episode of Young Sheldon season five.

Having learned to accept his first forays into adolescence after discovering a pimple, Sheldon decided the time had come to loosen up his wardrobe.

He decided on a loose-fitting T-shirt adorned with the logo of the Flash, one of his most popular looks from Jim Parsons’ time on the original series.

Fans of both series were thrilled by the change, as the young science prodigy is quickly becoming more and more like the Sheldon they grew to love over 12 seasons of the original sitcom.

A number of viewers took to Twitter to share their shocked reactions to the surprise reveal in the finale.

Cindy Worden Conrod said: “I loved the last scene. I was wondering when the Flash t-shirts were going to appear!”

Sandra Guerra-Cruz wrote: “His first Flash t-shirt. How cute!”

“His first Flash shirt!” Oscar Smith exclaimed. “It’s like I’m looking at Adult Sheldon again!”

“Adolescence is a journey of scientific discovery!” added Ryan Bartholomee. “And Sheldon is wearing the Flash shirt!”

Bob Germanovich tweeted: “The origin of his The Flash shirt finally revealed.”

And @Tv_Hodge_Podge speculated: “Does this mean Sheldon progresses from Star Trek to The Flash?”

After giving his wardrobe an upgrade, the science-fiction enthusiast could start to develop Sheldon’s other obsession with comic books over the next few seasons.

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However, series co-creator Steve Molaro has clarified Sheldon won’t be making any permanent changes to his fashion choices just yet.

“No, it is not a permanent wardrobe change,” he told TVLine after the episode aired.

“But it is an addition to his wardrobe, which is why he says, ‘I hope I don’t look too cool.’

“He’s covering his bases, and this way, we can [put him in a graphic tee] when we want.”

“When he feels like cutting loose and experimenting with being a teenager, he’ll throw it on.”

After struggling to find his own identity during the first few seasons, Sheldon is finally starting to come into his own as he starts to get older.

The series has already been confirmed to return for a sixth season, so we could start seeing more of his classic DC garb come into play when he turns 13.

Young Sheldon is available to watch on CBS in the USA. Seasons 1-3 are available to watch on Netflix in the UK.

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