You boss shares real reason Joe Goldberg ditched murder in season 4

You boss shares real reason Joe Goldberg ditched murder in season 4


You: Official trailer for season 4 part 1

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Since You first premiered in 2018, fans have remained enthralled as Joe calculated his steps and stalked his obsession until their potential deaths. 

The dangerously charming character went after his key interests with unusually dangerous measures to connect with them on a personal level before revealing his true nature. 

However, the tables turned for Joe when he started receiving threatening messages from a mysterious stalker. 

When season three ended, Joe killed his wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), faked his death and moved to France to follow Marieanne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle) who relocated to Paris. 

But when season four premiered, Joe was living and working in London as a university literature professor, going by the name Jonathan. 

He had seemingly turned a new leaf and wanted to create a better future for himself by leaving the life of crime behind. 

Showrunner Sera Gamble revealed by the charming murderer has decided to embark on a fresh start. 

She revealed: “Finally, he’s in a position that befits his level of understanding of the books he talks about all the time. He’s genuinely good at it and it’s a pleasure for him to do it.

“I can say this without spoiling too much: Even when his life is completely falling apart, he still does enjoy teaching class. 

“It’s fun to put someone who knows literary tropes into one of the tropiest stories possible, and it fits nicely with the idea that he’s genuinely going to be different now.”

Speaking to Tudum, Sera teased: “He’s done murdering, he’s learned from his mistakes and he’s going to do what it takes to right the karmic scales. 

“That doesn’t just mean grow a beard and teach about American literature, it also means maybe that you have to try to protect the very people [whose fate] previously would’ve had you at least look the other way, if not actively participate in what was going on with them.”

Although his new life was seemingly going well, things took a dark turn when he woke up to find Malcolm’s (Stephen Hagan) dead body in his house. 

Convinced he’d murdered the professor, in true Joe fashion, he dismembered the body before disposing of it in the River Thames.

Only to receive mysterious text, which reads: “Hello, you. You surprised me. Handling Malcolm like that.

“Here I thought when I left him on your table, you’d go down for my sins. You’re not who I figured you for. Who are you?”

With a new stalker on his tail, Joe was forced to embark on a new mission to keep his true identity hidden. 

However, his murder-free streak didn’t last long as he ended up killing Adam’s (Lukas Gage) personal bodyguard Vic (Sean Pertwee). 

After Simon Soo’s (Aidan Cheng) funeral, it became clear Vic believed Joe had something to do with Malcolm’s death and a physical confrontation, Joe killed him. 

Unlike his previous murders, this wasn’t a calculated kill but instead, the result of self-defence. 

You season 4 part 1 is available to stream on Netflix. Part 2 will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, March 9.

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