YOU Boss Breaks Down That Chilling Ending of Season 4 Part 2 — Grade It!

YOU Boss Breaks Down That Chilling Ending of Season 4 Part 2 — Grade It!


Now that YOU‘s fourth season is streaming in full, let us all be agreed: Part 1 was merely the set-up for the payoff that is Part 2. And what an absolutely bonkers payoff it is.

By season’s end, Joe has come to realize that his entire relationship with Rhys was fabricated, the result of an obsession coupled with some serious dissociation. Rhys was never the killer, it was always Joe, which makes Rhys’ murder all the more twisted and unnecessary. (Speaking of Rhys’ murder, Joe manages to pin the whole thing on poor Nadia.)

The finale closes with Joe back in New York and living under his original name, thanks to Kate’s expensive team working to game virtually every system imaginable. What’s worse, Joe — who has also quietly purchased a small bookshop, likely as a storage unit for his beloved cage — is being openly hailed as a hero, both in the States and abroad.

In short, Joe has gotten away with absolutely everything. But if you think that being in the clear means Joe will finally put an end to this vicious cycle, think again. A quick shot of Rhys in Joe’s reflection in the window confirms that Joe’s dark passenger is still very much along for the ride.

“We give you about a scene and a half where we let you think that he’s actually gotten a fresh start and has rid himself of the Rhys part of himself,” showrunner Sera Gamble tells TVLine. “And then we tell you… no, not at all.”

In fact, “not only has he not changed, he’s actually become a less conflicted version of himself,” Gamble explains. “He’s still Joe, and he still lives for love in so many ways, but I think there’s a fun new question we get to ask: What is Joe like when he doesn’t have to make every murder an accidental ‘Oh, he tripped and fell’ thing that puts him within inches of the police immediately? What if he admitted to himself what he was doing and he gave it a little bit of solid planning?”

The show’s future (Netflix has yet to renew YOU for its inevitable fifth season) remains unclear, but wherever it goes from here, know this: There will be blood.

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