Worry about the end coming Eamonn Holmes in candid admission over family concerns

Worry about the end coming Eamonn Holmes in candid admission over family concerns


Eamonn Holmes shocks viewers with his candid admission

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GB News presenter Eamonn Holmes recently spoke out about his trip to the hospital after suffering intense pain in his back. He has since opened up about his outlook on life and revealed the plans he intends to make when his family rescue dog Maggie dies.

Joining The One Show hosts Alex Jones and Danny Jones, the former ITV presenter was branded “weird” for having a statue of Maggie.

Introducing the segment, Danny explained: “Also coming up tonight, have a look at this, can you imagine trying to round up a dog, cat and a chicken for a family photo.

“Well, Riyadh Khalaf has been spending time with a couple of pros whose job it is to take pet photos, and they definitely have their hands full with that one.”

Alex continued: “You have a rescue dog, lovely Maggie, she is the cutest! But you know what is weird?

“Well, it might not be weird, and I’ve said weird now, and I feel bad, but Eamonn has a statue of Maggie, but Maggie is still alive.”

Loose Women panellist Judi Love, who joined Eamonn on the sofa, joked: “Ok, yes, we can go back to the word weird.”

A picture of Eamonn’s dog appeared on the screen along with the statue he had made of Maggie.

Danny teased: “If the statue had a collar, I would be worried, Eamonn.”

Explaining the reason for the statue, Eamonn said: “The truth is, I am worried because Maggie is now 13, and you worry about the end coming.

“So I said to Ruth (Langsford) ‘We should get her stuffed and go to a taxidermist,’ and she said ‘No,’ and I said, ‘Well, what about the way they do deers and stags, and they just do the head’.

“I said we can just do the head on a plaque above the fireplace!”

Judi exclaimed: “Poor Maggie, you’re wishing her life away, let her just live.”

Eamonn added: “She is only small, and she could easily sit above the mantlepiece, but Ruth is not having it.”

Laughing at Ruth’s deficiency against Eamonn’s wishes, Danny said: “I am not sure that is going to catch on.”

Eamonn was recently missing from his hosting duties at GB News and missed out on attending Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

In his latest column for Express.co.uk, he explained: “I’d ended up in hospital after waking up in the middle of the night suffering excruciating pain.

“I immediately knew something wasn’t right.

“The pain was from two prolapsed discs in my back, and after an MRI scan at 2am in the morning, I was prepped to go in for an emergency operation at 8am.

“Shortly before I was about to be wheeled down and go under the knife, a surgeon decided it wasn’t the right course of action.

“I ended up having my whole health diagnosed. It was a one-stop-shop all under one roof.”

The One Show airs weekdays from 7pm on BBC One.

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