William Lucking, 'Sons of Anarchy' Actor, Dies at 80

William Lucking, 'Sons of Anarchy' Actor, Dies at 80


Lucking appeared on the show for four seasons as biker Piermont ”Piney“ Winston

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William Lucking, known for his stint as old biker character Piney Winston on FX’s “Sons of Anarchy,” has died. He was 80. Close friend Stephen Macht confirmed the news of his passing via Facebook.

“Bill truly was a ‘lion,’” Macht wrote. “And his memory will always be a blessing!”

Lucking died on Oct. 18, 2021 at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Born in Michigan in 1941, Lucking accompanied his family when they moved to California in the early 1950s, where he graduated from UCLA with a degree in literature. He also studied theatre arts at the Pasadena Playhouse, and he made a career in film and television.

“Although William often played toughs and strongmen, in his actual life he was an elegant man with a brilliant intellect who loved to argue about politics and current affairs, discuss philosophy and physics and assert fine-pointed opinions about art and poetry,” his wife wrote.

“He was a giant of a man with the soul of a poet,” Luckings wife’s statement continued. “One who ‘contained…a tension of sorts within his being…like a boulder teetering on a hill…or a balloon expanding towards its extreme,’ as one friend put it.”

Lucking played a roughneck in “Oklahoma Crude” (1976) alongside Faye Dunaway and George C. Scott, the original Colonel in NBC’s “The A-Team” (1980s), a green Bajoran on “Star Trek Deep Space 9” (1990s), and most recently, Piney Winston, an aging biker, on the illustrious FX Network series “Sons of Anarchy” (2008 to 2011).

William is survived by his wife of 25 years, Sigrid Insull Lucking, a former costume designer. He is also survived by his two daughters, Marjet Lucking and Juliana Ryan, along with Juliana’s husband and two daughters, Quinlan and Lilian. William’s much loved first wife, Mimi, was the mother of his children and she died of cancer in 1996.William’s sister, Ellen Founier, also lives in Las Vegas.

“The family requests you toast his memory and celebrate his legacy,” reads the end of Macht’s Facebook post.

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