Will there be a season 2 of Dalgliesh?

Will there be a season 2 of Dalgliesh?


DALGLIESH season one is sadly coming to an end.

Having become a Channel 5 favourite, fans are now wondering what the likelihood of there being a season two is. Find out here.

Will there be a season 2 of Dalgliesh?

It is yet to be announced if there will be a Dalgliesh season 2.

However, judging from the success of the first season, it is likely to return at some point next year (2022).

Speaking to RadioTimes.com and other press, the Doctor Foster actor Bertie Carvel revealed that he had his fingers crossed for a series two set in the 1980s, jumping forward in time from the ’70s-set first season.

“I’m really excited to know what will happen if we get to do more, because as you know – I mean, I think one thing that’s so interesting about the novels is that she’s a brilliant observer, PD James, of social reality and social detail, and sets the novels very much in their time, obviously. So there’s been some amount of adaptation to adjust those in these three films.”

He continued, “If we get to do more, I love the idea that maybe series two is set in the mid-’80s. And series three will be set in the mid-’90s. But I don’t know what the writers are going to do.”

What happened in season 1 of Dalgliesh?

The series is set in England and starts in the mid 1970s.

It features three fictional stories and is based on the best-selling detective novels by PD James.

It’s told from the perspective of PD James’ unique and enigmatic detective DCI Dalgliesh.

These include: Shroud for a Nightingale, The Black Tower and A Taste for Death.

The first story Shroud For a Nightingale follows the young women of Nightingale house, where they learn how to care for the sick. A student is suddenly killed, and it's up to Dalgliesh to find out what happened and bring the killer to justice.

The Black Tower is an investigation into a care home for dibled people. It's soon revealed the "caring" community is hiding a dark secret.

Finally A Taste for Death sees two bodies, one of a homeless pensioner and the other of a Minister of the Crown which forces Dalgliesh to uncover dark and dangerous family secrets.

The Channel 5 synopsis reads: “follows Dalgliesh's career to present day as he solves unusual murders and reveals buried secrets,” while each of the three murder mysteries “will offer its own unique setting and extraordinary cast”.

How can I watch it?

Dalgliesh kicked off on Thursday November 4 at 9pm on Channel 5 and My5.

The first two-parter in the series launched on Channel 5 on November 4 and continued with part two the following evening at the same time.

Each episode will consist of three two-part films, each comprising 2 x 60 minutes.

If you wish to watch any previous episodes, head over to the Channel 5 website where they will be available to watch.

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