Why Didn’t They Ask Evans’ High Laurie pays heartfelt tribute to cast

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans’ High Laurie pays heartfelt tribute to cast


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Why Didn’t They Ask Evans is the latest murder mystery series to be adapted from Agatha Christie’s novels. Reflecting on the film-making process, Hugh Laurie paid a heartfelt tribute to the cast members labelling them a “directors dream.”

The drama followed the life of a young naval officer Bobby Jones (played by Will Poulter), who was also a vicar’s son, after stumbling across a dying man.

With his dying breath, the man who had seemingly fallen off the cliff, asked Bobby a question: “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans.”

As a result, Bobby took it upon himself to resolve the mystery which also led him on a cross-country journey.

He also teamed up with his friend Frankie (Lucy Boynton) to explore how the man died and the truth behind the question.

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Much like in the novels, Bobby and Frankie proved to be great partners throughout the mystery as their personalities bounced off each other.

When he was quiet and reserved, Frankie’s bubbly attitude also served as comic relief as they investigated a death.

This was a huge deal for the showrunner Hugh Lurie, as he praised the cast during an interview with Deadline.

Though Laurie is well known as an actor, he stepped behind the scenes of this series where he served as writer and director.

In the interview, he reflected on working with the cast and labelled them “an extraordinary bunch.”

He added: “If I had to vote for the top department in production, it would be the actors and that’s quite rare.

“I wouldn’t say it’s common,” Laurie remarked, “because actors can be a bit of a handful at times.”

“But, this lot, absolutely every single one of them came to the set knowing what the scene required, what the character required, having some idea of how they were going to do it.”

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Laurie continued: “And they just came with such good humour and energy, and they were on time and they knew their climbs. And all of those things that directors dream of.”

As well as Poulter and Boynton, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans also featured Game of Thrones star Conleth Hill as Bobby’s mentor Dr Thomas.

The stellar cast included I Hate Suzie’s Daniel Ings who portrayed Roger Bassington-French.

Laurie also stepped in front of the camera to star as Dr Nicholson, the clinical director of the local sanatorium.

Agatha Christie first captivated readers when she released the murder mystery novel in 1934.

After landing the role, Poulter shared his appreciation for the author during his interview with BritBox: “I’m deeply honoured to have been given the opportunity to co-lead this project with Lucy.

“Agatha Christie’s such a well-loved name in literature, so you’re off to a good start anyway but Hugh captures the spirit of the book and delivers on the things that people love about Christie’s work, while also giving it contemporary energy and humour.”

Poulter concluded: “There’s the thrill of the chase, but it’s peppered with jokes throughout and that was fun to play.”

Who Didn’t They Ask Evans is available on BritBox

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