Who is Mike Lindell's ex-wife Dallas Yocum?

Who is Mike Lindell's ex-wife Dallas Yocum?


MYPILLOW CEO Mike Lindell was married to Dallas Yocum for only a month.

The businessman has been married twice in his life and was rumored to have been linked to actress Jane Krakowski, though both denied it.

Who is Mike Lindell's ex-wife Dallas Yocum?

Dallas Yocum, 40, is a businesswoman.

She reportedly keeps her life low-key and away from social media platforms but rose to prominence through her ex-husband Mike Lindell.

Yocum and Lindell did not have any children together while they were married.

When did Dallas Yocum marry Mike Lindell?

Lindell and Yocum married in June of 2013 but divorced a month later.

The couple reportedly had a prenuptial agreement and Yocum was rumored to have left Lindell.

It is unclear what ultimately led to their split. 

Lindell had previously been married to Karen Dickey with whom he shares four children with: Heather Lueth, Lizzy Meyers, Darren, and Charlie Lindell.

When was MyPillow launched?

Lindell launched the pillow manufacturing company in 2004.

MyPillow – which is based in Chaska, Minnesota – has a patented open-cell, poly-foam design.

Lindell invented the MyPillow pillow after overcoming an addiction to crack cocaine.

Back in 2017, Lindell told CNBC: "I look back now, and I go, ‘The only way that we were able to do that was divine intervention."

Lindell expanded his MyPillow product line to include beds, linens and pet beds and is friends with actor Stephen Baldwin, according to the news outlet.

What is Mike Lindell’s net worth?

It is believed Lindell has a net worth of about $300million.

His company currently employs more than 1,500 people.

On February 22, Lindell told Business Insider that he expects to lose $65million in revenue in 2021, after retailers dropped his product after his bogus election claims.

“I lost 20 retailers, and it’s cost me $65 million this year that I won’t get back, OK?.

“There’s your story. Print it right. Don’t try and twist this,” he told the outlet.

During an interview with Right Side Broadcasting Network's Brian Glennon, Lindell said Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl's, H-E-B, and Wayfair were among the companies dropping MyPillow.

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