Which Season Of 'Stranger Things' Is Millie Bobby Brown's Favorite?

Which Season Of 'Stranger Things' Is Millie Bobby Brown's Favorite?


Though it’s only been four days since Netflix released the long-anticipated third season of its hit show, Stranger Things, die-hard fans have already completed their binge fest of this season and are craving more. The science fiction horror series is one of Netflix’s most successful original shows and has easily launched the career of quite a few actors. Most notably, the show has made 15-year-old, Millie Bobby Brown, a superstar, and a household name. But just what season of the show is Brown’s favorite?

The breakout star of the cast

Brown has been a part of the cast of Stranger Things since the show’s inception. Though she was building a successful career for herself prior to booking the part of Eleven, this will likely go down as the role that was the turning point for the actress’ career. Though Brown was just 12 years old when the series premiered, she managed to wow audiences with her incredible talent and acting ability. Showing a wide range of emotion and a clear understanding of the craft of acting, Brown quickly became the breakout star of the show.

Millie Bobby Brown

Though nearly three years have passed since Netflix dropped the first season of the show, Brown remains as excited as ever about her work on this series. Just minutes before the premiere of the third season, Brown took to her Instagram story to share her love and joy for the show with her 20 million+ fans. “I can’t believe that we are 20 minutes away from Stranger Things 3 premiering. Before it comes out I wanna say that every single person working on our set is an essential factor for making our show. We all work so hard to bring this to life each year” the Godzilla: King of Monsters actress wrote.


After Brown gushed about all the people on the show who contribute to the show’s greatness, she went on to share a little known fact with her fans. The 15-year-old took her excitement one step further, revealing which season of the show was her favorite.

Instagram confession

“I’ll let you in on a little secret…this was my favorite season to film and my favorite season to watch. This year 011 is growing up. She is evolving into a real teenager. To watch her progression with fashion, relationships, and personal trauma is so beautifully written and directed and I was so lucky to be able to portray el in the way she deserved. Mike and El in this season are ADORBBBBSSSS and just wait for MAX and EL OMG I NEED TO SHUT UP IT’S ONLY 11 MINUTES” Brown gushed with glee.


It’s great to see that the 15-year-old actress is so excited about this new era of Eleven within the world of Stranger Things. Season three is certainly a turning point for her character and many fans are already wondering how El might evolve in season four. For Brown’s part, she doesn’t know much about the next season but admits that she certainly has fished for clues with the show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, professionally known as The Duffer Brothers.

Season 4

“The Duffer Brothers are like my older brothers, so I call them all the time, and I definitely try to press them on little clues and hints. I know things here and there, but nothing deep or something I could tell you about. If there was a season four, we would be really excited, but right now, we have to see how season three goes and how the fans react to it.” Brown admitted in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.


Has Netflix confirmed Season 4?

Though Netflix has yet to officially order a fourth season of the hit show, the show’s producers seem pretty confident that it will happen. Until then, we’ll have to console ourselves with the first three seasons of Stranger Things.

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