What's wrong with Mick Carter in EastEnders? The Queen Vic landlord collapses in shocking scenes to air tomorrow

What's wrong with Mick Carter in EastEnders? The Queen Vic landlord collapses in shocking scenes to air tomorrow


MICK Carter is set to have a dramatic health scare in EastEnders tomorrow night when he collapses during a kids’ football match.

The lovable landlord of the Queen Vic decides to go for a run but Bex Fowler finds him struggling and offers him some tips.

At the café, Bex becomes even more worried when it’s clear that Mick is actually in considerable pain. Stuart Highway – Mick’s mortal enemy – tries to make conversation with his former mate, but is quickly shut down.

Later, Mick is refereeing for the kids’ football match when he makes a decision that infuriates the opposition. The parents explode at him and – to everyone’s horror – Mick collapses. But what’s going on with him?

The Sun Online exclusively revealed earlier this year that Mick has a big storyline coming up soon.

Actor Danny Dyer who plays the landlord of the Vic hinted at his new storyline to The Sun Online revealing there is "powerful stuff" on the way for the Carters involving their son Ollie.

Viewers know their young son Ollie will soon be diagnosed with autism, and the show hasn't shied away from showing the reality of the family's journey working with charities in order to make sure the story is accurate.

He said: "It’s been quite slow integrating me back into the show since I come back.

"I’ve got some really powerful stuff coming up with Kellie [Bright] and stuff I can’t talk about at the moment but it’s good.

"Mick is going to go through some really [big] mental health issues, that’s all I can say."

He also gushed about EastEnders boss Kate Oates who was recently promoted to oversee all of the BBC's soap offerings.

Danny said: "It feels like Kate Oates has brought the show back, she is the Queen and we are all hopelessly in love with her."

And Danny was full of praise for the show for letting him take time out to film his new Saturday night show The Wall which is set to air later in the year.

"EastEnders have been amazing," he said adding: "I’m really grateful that they’ve let me go off and do other stuff.

"I’ve got my own game show! I’m excited about that, it’s really exciting, it’s a really good game. We start filming in September but I’ve done a pilot for it, I loved it, I buzzed off it!

"It’s something for the whole family, it’s a proper Saturday night thing. I never thought I’d be doing stuff like that but I’m really excited about it.

"Listen, it’s going to be different. It’s going to be a game show like you’ve never seen before."

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