What happened on Love Island last night? Recap of episode 27 with all the highlights and gossip

What happened on Love Island last night? Recap of episode 27 with all the highlights and gossip


LOVE Island got extremely heated in episode 27, as Michael Griffiths came to blows with Anna Vakili after dumping Amber Gill for Joanna Chimonides.

Meanwhile, Amy Hart was devastated to learn Curtis Pritchard wanted to couple up with Jourdan Riane. while she had been gushing about him in Casa Amor – but what else occurred?

What happened on Love Island tonight?

Amber Gill made it known that she was disappointed to find out Michael Griffiths had moved on with another girl, having disclosed to Caroline Flack: “I’m a loyal human being, that’s the way that I am, that’s what I wanted to do.”

Michael told the beauty therapist that he didn’t feel as if she was into him as much as he would have hoped – at any rate not as much as Joanna Chimondes in the span of only a couple of days.

In addition, the fireman said he felt as though he generally needed to hold his tongue around her – and that it was Joanna who made him understand that Amber wasn't the right woman for him.

The hunk from Liverpool told Amber: “Every time I say something to you, you laugh in my face which I think is really disrespectful.”

Amber decided not to engage in the conversation any further – she realised that Michael had made up his mind and picked Joanna over him.

Dumped Islanders Nabila Badda, Maria Wild, Stevie Bradley, Dan Rose and Dennon Lewis said their goodbyes from the rest of the contestants while the newbies got to know their new housemates after Casa Amor closed its doors.

Michael and Amber tried to work things out at the fire pit – and surprisingly enough, Amber admitted to not always having treated him in the most ideal manner.

In light of the remark that she rudely laughs in Michael's face when he's having a discussion with her, Amber said: “It's just what I do, it's not out of disrespect for anyone because I had loads of respect for you.

“Maybe it was wrong of me to just assume you understood the way that I was, and I should have said 'look I’m not being disrespectful', just laughing in these situations because it's a bit awkward or I don’t really know what to say.”

Following their chat, Amber realised that she’d lost Michael for good, and while talking to Anna Vakili and Ovie Soko about her situation, it all started to sink in for her.

“I don’t have to speak to him any more,” she disappointingly told her fellow pals. “What am I supposed to say, he said ‘I knew you’d laugh.’ Do you want me to break down in front of everyone?

"His whole attitude and demeanor have totally changed and if that’s really him then I’m disappointed.”

Anna, clearly furious that Michael had ditched her friend in favour of Joanna, decided to take things into her own hands and confront the 27-year-old.

The pharmacist threw endless verbal attacks, questioning how Michael could give up on his romance with Amber after all the time they’ve shared together.

Anna struggled to understand why he paired with Joanna when he’d only known her for a few days – especially since Amber was reassured by him that he wouldn’t turn his head if another girl entered the villa.

Michael defended himself by firing back: “When I said that, yes I did mean that. These little things that are overlooked where I bit my tongue are things that are massive to me.”

The following day, Amber received a text, saying: Amber and Joanna, you are going out for a catch-up. Please get ready to leave the villa. #storminateacup”.

Elsewhere, Curtis at last admitted to Amy about the things that had been going on in the main villa while she was remaining faithful in Casa Amor.

The ballroom dancer appeared to hesitate when he told Amy that he’d somewhat made a move on Jourdan, adding that they also kissed during the challenges.

After finding out that he’d been turned down by the newcomer, Amy questioned Curtis’ loyalty, saying: “So she said no, so you were like ‘Oh right then go back to Ames’.”

Over the past couple of days, Curtis said that he’d made a mistake because he knew how much he would be losing if he hadn’t chosen Amy to be his partner in the villa – they’ve come this far that it would be sad to see them fall apart at this stage.

Maura Higgins was clearly irritated by Curtis’ behaviour after telling Amy that if he was really in love with her, he wouldn’t have gone behind her back to get to know another girl.
Later on, Amy told Curtis that he'd totally broken her heart.

“I never thought you’d do this to me, you’re the perfect man after all. You are not. You can sleep on the day bed again tonight,” she said.

Amy said: “I never thought he would do that to me. That’s not the Curtis I know. That’s not the person I’ve fallen in love with. I would never have looked at anyone else at all. He was my everything.”

Meanwhile, Anna – who returned with newcomer Ovie – told Jordan Hames that she thought he would pick another girl and dump her because she never got the impression that he was into her as much as she would have liked him to be – which apparently wasn’t the case at all.

She shared: “We never really tell each other how we feel… Since I've been spending time with Ovie and the way he’s acting I’ve been like, ‘Oh that’s how a guy acts when he really likes a girl.’”

The next day, Jordan confessed to Anna that he still missed her before sharing a quick cuddle with the Kim Kardashian lookalike, who added: “I miss you too it’s hard when you’re walking past and I’m not touching you.”

At last, Anna conceded that her affection for Jordan were still there.

She said: “I can’t walk past Jordan without wanting to hug him or kiss him. I can’t switch my feelings off… I still like Jordan.”


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