We look at Emmerdale star Patrick Mowers life outside the soap

We look at Emmerdale star Patrick Mowers life outside the soap


Emmerdale: Rodney makes surprise return to the show

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Soap star Patrick Mower has been part of ITV soap Emmerdale since 2000 when he debuted as Rodney Blackstock, the estranged father of Bernice Blackstock (played by Samantha Giles). Rodney has been something of a ladies’ man in the village and always had his eye on the finer things in life. Rodney has been married twice, first to Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen).

Diane and Rodney tied the knot back in 1966 and welcomed their daughter Bernice two years later.

However, their relationship came to an end when Rodney left the family when his little girl was just five-years-old.

Rodney was actually having an affair with Diane’s sister Val Lambert (Charlie Hardwick), who fell pregnant with their son Paul (Matthew Bose) and gave birth in 1974.

But this wasn’t the end of Rodney’s turbulent romantic life, he then went on to wed Maureen (Joanna Monro) and they pair had Nicola King (Nicole Wheeler).

Among Rodney’s risqué antics on Emmerdale, he even briefly worked as male escort behind his girlfriend Georgia Sharma’s (Trudie Goodwin) back but it all went wrong when he was found out.

Rodney seems to have now settled down in his lothario ways and is a devoted grandfather to Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) and Angelica King (Rebecca King).

He also thinks of himself as grandfather to Nicola’s step-sons Elliot (Luca Hoyle) and Carl (Charlie Munro Joyce).

Much like Rodney’s turbulent record when it comes to love, actor Patrick has his own share of drama.

Is Emmerdale’s Rodney Blackstock star married?

Patrick, 84, is married to Anya Pope since 1996 and the couple is believed to live in Louth, Lincolnshire.

The couple has one son together, Maxim, according to Heart.co.uk.

Patrick has said in the past he wished his Emmerdale character Rodney could have a girlfriend like his wife Anya.

He was previously married to his childhood sweetheart Audrey with the couple having two children together.

In his book, Patrick Mower: My Story, he also detailed having multiple lovers while still married to Audrey.

Patrick and Audrey later got divorced and he dated dancer and actress Suzanne Danielle for seven years.

During the mid-80s he was single and dating many women with as many as 11 girlfriends on the go at one point.

Before starring in Emmerdale, Patrick had a successful film and television career dating back to the 1960s.

Some of his early roles includes Mary Barton, Swizzlewick, Front Page Story and Haunted.

During the 1970s, Patrick has roles in the TV series Special Branch, Callan, King Lear and Target.

He has also had small roles in ChuckleVision, The Morecambe & Wise Show, and Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense, as well as recurring roles in Marco Polo and The Dark Side of the Sun.

Some of his most prominent parts were in Black Beauty and Carry On England, which saw his profile soaring.

Patrick previously auditioned for the role of James Bond after Sean Connery announced he was stepping down fro the role.

He auditioned for producers eight times but was sadly turned down due to his young age with Roger Moore later landing the part.

“Sean was a super, superstar. Back then he was God, I couldn’t believe it when the producers called me in and asked if I’d like to do it, I was 28,” Patrick told the Daily Record in 2000.

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