We Laid Out Selling Sunset’s IRL Filming Dates in a Timeline for Ya

We Laid Out Selling Sunset’s IRL Filming Dates in a Timeline for Ya


You: a person watching Selling Sunset wondering when any of the hyper-dramatic events even took place in real life—ESPECIALLY Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim getting together in secret.

Me: someone with way too much time on their hands, who just spent two hours deep diving into Instagram and matching everyone’s scenes to their outfits (it’s fine, I’m fine).

The result? A definitive timeline of when all the biggest moments on Selling Sunset season 4 took place IRL—including proof that Jason and Chrishell were secretly dating during some mid-season scenes and literally no one knew.

May 14: Christine’s First Hang With Vanessa (Where She Complains About Emma)


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Thanks to Christine going all the way out with every single outfit she wears, she’s been very consistent about chronicling her Selling Sunset looks as they happen on Instagram. Extremely helpful for timeline purposes, so thanks Christine!

May 21: The Party Where Emma Was Introduced to the O Group


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There were lots of pics from this evening, all of which were posted within a few days from one another. Soooo…let’s go with on-or-around May 21 for this iconically dramatic dinner, during which Emma was grilled about sharing an ex-boyfriend with Christine.

June 5: Christine Brings Her BB Into the Office


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Gonna go ahead and assume Christine staged a photo shoot before heading to the office, because this is the exact same outfit she wore while introducing her adorable baby to all her friends (by which I mean enemies).

June 13: The Dog Party


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Truly no words for this deranged event or the multiple dog-themed poems that were un-ironically recited, but everyone looked pretty amazing during it.

June 28: Davina Re-Joins the Group!


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And her styling is sooooo good this season, so naturally she was all about posting her lewks on the ’gram. Recognize this one from the show?

June 30: The Boat Party


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During which everyone complains about Davina re-joining the group, and Chrishell is set up on a blind date that she is very much *not* here for. Could have something to do with the fact that she started dating Jason about a month later, just speculating here!!!!

July 17: The Big (Dramatic) Company Party


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This was the scene of Christine’s blowout fight with Mary *and* the scene of Heather asking Chrishell if she was dating anyone. And fun fact: We now know Chrishell was dating Jason at this time because she posted these flowers from him just a few days after the event…


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Oh, and fun fact 2.0: this scene with Simu Liu was filmed around the same time, which means Chrishell and Jason were def dating during it.


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In conclusion, it seems pretty damn clear that Selling Sunset season 4 was filmed largely between May and July 2021. And judging from the trailer for season 5, the show will immediately pick up where it left off—so expect coverage from July through sometime in September!

Meanwhile, reminder that Netflix just announced the impending arrival of Selling The OC, which will feature new agents Alexandra Hall, Austin Victoria, and Brandi Marshall. TBD when filming is going down for that show, but we’ll obviously sleuth out a timeline as soon as it drops.

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