Watch the 10 Best Times Dana Carvey Played Ross Perot on 'SNL' (Photos)

Watch the 10 Best Times Dana Carvey Played Ross Perot on 'SNL' (Photos)


Two-time third-party presidential candidate died at the age of 89 on Tuesday

Larry King Live: Ross Perot interrupts Larry King’s (Kevin Nealon) interview with Brian Wilson (Tim Robbins) to pull out, then consistently jump back into, the 1992 presidential race. Click here to watch. 

Ross Perot Re-Enters the Race: Perot gets back into the 1992 race by responding to negative feedback. Click here to watch. 

Joyride: Phil Hartman makes his one and only appearance as Vice Adm. James Stockdale, Perot’s running mate. Click here to watch.

Perot Talks Dirty Tricks: Perot sidesteps questions about his claim of Republicans using “dirty tricks” against him. Click here to watch.

Anti-NAFTA Message: Perot was a major critic of NAFTA and introduces to everybody the first “victim” of the agreement. Just let him finish. Click here to watch.

Halloween in Dallas: Carvey, who left “SNL” in 1993, would return as Perot a handful of times. Here he is greeting trick or treaters in Dallas. Click here to watch.

Larry King Live — Third-Party Candidates: With Will Ferrell now as King, Perot debates with other third-party candidates running for the 1996 election. Click here to watch.

Larry King’s Wedding Reception: Perot appears with his third different Larry King, this time being Norm MacDonald (who really loves “Gattaca.”). Click here to watch.
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