Vine guest slams anti-vaccine footballers We are being treated like lab experiment

Vine guest slams anti-vaccine footballers We are being treated like lab experiment


Jeremy Vine guest slams anti-vaccine footballers

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“So we are the lab experiment has enabled all these players to mince around on football pitches for 12 billion pounds a week.

“Second of all, they are role models.

“They have a moral obligation to others because they have that standing to show the way forward and they have an obligation to the rest of us.”

She continued: “And finally unless I’m missing something, of all the jobs that you do, football is fairly intimate. 

“There’s a lot of pushing and shoving and getting up close to people.

Jeremy Vine chipped in: “They are not gonna be allowed to play.”


Ms Epstein said: “But they are saying that they should be allowed to play.”

Fellow Vine panellist Henry Bonsu then said: “I have great sympathy with what you say. I’ve been out and about myself saying to people, particularly for my own ethnic background, you need to take it, not least because people of African Caribbean origin are overrepresented in the physics for mortality, you know because of other pre-existing conditions, and social conditions as well.

“But these footballers at the moment are not breaking any laws.

“They’re allowed to play football, here in this country without being vaccinated.”

He went on: “I’m assuming, part of the protocol in clubs, is that the in bubbles at certain points of the week.

Five players on England’s national football team have reportedly refused to get vaccinated.

They face being ditched ahead of next year’s World Cup in Qatar.  

Sajid Javid suggested the unnamed players are letting the country down and called on them to recognise their power as “role models”.
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