Viewers slate Vigils pathetic ending ‘Over the top nonsense’

Viewers slate Vigils pathetic ending ‘Over the top nonsense’


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BBC’s procedural drama Vigil gained thousands of viewers across the nations after it aired its show-stopping premiere in August. The mini-series contained six episodes and after its finale hit the screens yesterday, a huge amount of fans were left disappointed.

@Footbal82765042 was one of the many viewers, who took to Twitter to slate the series and called it: “One of the worst shows I ever watched.

“There was no plot, the actors were awful, they killed off their best character after 5 mins and the main reason everyone gave the show a chance in the first place and the ending was pathetic,” they continued.

After gaining a huge following after his performance on Line of Duty, fans were excited to see Martin Compston in Vigil, however, within the first episode, his character Craig Burke had died.

It was DCI Amy Silva’s (Suranne Jones) role to investigate his death, which unravelled an unexpected amount of complicated twists.

Unlike the standard procedural drama, Vigil was based under the sea, on board a Trident nuclear submarine.

The season finale exposed one of the crew members as a Russian asset, tasked with sabotaging the boat.

After the series came to an end other disappointed viewers went on Twitter to slate the show, this included @GregorSwanson Vigil is rubbish. Over the top nonsense.

@rachibelles tweeted: “Well that’s 6 hours of my life I won’t get back, Absolute rubbish.

More viewers were riled up about the ending @niamhparker “Oh my f*g godddd you can’t end it like that”

@totes_london shared: “So Vigil started great but ended up terrible and the ending was ridiculous.”

@brishank was fuming and tweeted: “I hate myself for watching it. Vigil complete bag of shite. Crap acting, terrible plot badly told. Jones must only get these parts because she has asthma.”

While @afj110 compared it to other dramas and concluded: “That must be one of the worst submarine dramas I’ve watched and I’ve seen some truly terrible Russian films and shows.”

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The beginning of the series started with the disappearance of a fishing trawler which mysteriously sank, killing the men onboard.

Alongside the death of Craig onboard, the submarine DCI Amy was originally tasked with investigating for three days.

However as everything intensified and one crew member began sabotaging the boat, she was asked to stay for three weeks.

This would’ve been great for her to have more time, however, she was battling anxiety and depression after the death of her partner which also happened underwater.

As well as focusing on her professional challenges, the series delved into her personal life.

This is where viewers understood her apprehension about going underwater after she was given the case.

It was revealed she, her partner and her stepdaughter, were involved in an accident where their car was submerged into the ocean.

As she rescued the young child and swam her to safety, her partner drowned while trapped in the car and after his funeral, his parents took custody of her stepdaughter.

In the end, she was able to uncover who was behind the sabotage and deaths of multiple crew members.

Vigil season one is available to stream on BBCiPlayer.

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