US telly boss to buy Benny Hill statue after Brit funnyman cancelled in UK

US telly boss to buy Benny Hill statue after Brit funnyman cancelled in UK


A Benny Hill fan in the US has pledged to buy a statue of the comedy legend after it got “cancelled”.

The £60,000 tribute has been designed by sculptor Graham Ibbeson, who made the Eric Morecambe statue in the resort that shares his name.

But a campaign to put Benny on a plinth in his hometown of Southampton hit the skids last year when a theatre boss refused to let a star-studded fundraiser for it go ahead.

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Now US TV boss Alex Garcia has offered to stump up the cash.

His spokesman said: “Alex is filming in England this month and is planning to visit landmarks from his childhood heroes, like the Beatles and Black Sabbath.

"He was shocked to learn there is no Benny Hill Museum in Southampton. He immediately offered to buy it.”

At his peak, Benny’s saucy shows were watched by more than 21million fans and sold to 100 countries.

But his career ended in 1989 when Benny was sacked by TV chiefs in a brief meeting after he was branded “sexist”.

The heartbroken star died in April, 1992. His producer, the late Dennis Kirkland, said he “never recovered from the shock.”

A spokeswoman for the Benny Hill Statue Campaign told the Daily Star Sunday: “We
welcome Mr Garcia’s interest.

“It is shaming that the statue has generated more interest in the USA than in England.”


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