Tipping Point fans fume as they spot hot contestants tactical game playing

Tipping Point fans fume as they spot hot contestants tactical game playing


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Tipping Point fans weren't happy on Tuesday afternoon, after they became distracted by one 'gorgeous' contestant.

Contestants Charlie, Peter, Maia, and Amrik were standing at the four podiums to face questions from host Ben Shephard, with the ambition of scoring the £10,000 jackpot counter from the Tipping Point machine.

But it was Maia who soon stormed into the lead – but not without fans at home spotting some 'tactical' game playing.

Maia quickly gained two correct answers, but decided to pass both her counters to fellow players Peter and Charlie.

Immediately flocking to Twitter, fuming fans vented their frustrations online, with one writing: "Stop tactical passing… it never ends well!"

Someone else followed up: "We kick off today's game with some pass w***ery! #TippingPoint."

"Passed again? Girl!" another ranted.

However, it seemed her game playing paid off, as Maia was miles ahead of the other contestants as she soared through to the next round.

But plenty of fans were glad to see Maia race to victory, as they were busy falling head over heels with the contestant.

One joked: "I'm in lurve already with Maia! Seeing she's a zookeeper, she'll be used to me then!", as another tweeted: "Maia is too good for this game!"

"Maia deserves to win this… lightning on the buzzer!" another fan complimented the brunette beauty.

Someone else echoed: "The machine loves you Maya!"

Maia quickly managed to eliminate each of her three fellow contestants in the head-to-head rounds, and won her chance to compete for the jackpot counter.

But eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot another habit of hers that they couldn't quite keep their eyes off, as she performed a 'victory dance' at having won the first round.

"Nooo not sure about the smug victory dance Maia!" one fan giggled, as another echoed: "Maia doing a little ner ner ner ner ner dance aimed at Charlie then!"

A horde of loyal fans came to Maia's defence, however, with one writing of her impressive performance: "Obsessed with how Maia is doing on Tipping Point. GET HIM QUEEN!"

Asked what she'd do with her winnings if she managed to scoop the jackpot counter, Maia admitted she wanted to go travelling around the globe with her "fella", Tom – and they'd been together for seven years.

Ben cheerily congratulated her: "I think it's fair to say that you've dominated from Round One!"

Tipping Point airs from 4pm weekdays on ITV.

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