Tipping Point fans distracted by ITV quiz contestants epic first name blunder

Tipping Point fans distracted by ITV quiz contestants epic first name blunder


Tipping Point fans were baffled over one contestant’s wrong answer on the show which left her feeling red-faced as Ben Shephard corrected her blunder.

Julia joined her fellow hopeful Tipping Point contestants to eagerly test the machine for their chance at winning a top cash prize.

She wore a bright red dress, covered in a floral pattern with matching bold lipstick to top off the look.

The contestant also wore her blonde hair over her shoulders and accessorised with nude coloured shoes.

But things started to go wrong for her rather speedily, as host Ben asked the players to tell him Lord Nelson’s first name – to which a very eager Julia quickly answered: "Admiral!" – which, of course, was wrong.

Realising the mistake before Ben could call her out, she screwed up her face and buried her head in her hands.

Ben then corrected the contestant and said that admiral "was his rank".

At the end of her question round, she went through with only two counters and called her attempt "rubbish".

Ben then called her out for her hasty response to a question about whiskey, in which he asked for the location of its origin rather than the name of the product which Julia gave.

Shephard told her that “if she had waited,” then she would have been able to get “another one in there”.

Fans couldn’t believe her blunder and took to Twitter to share their thoughts on her fatal mistake, with one viewer saying that they “couldn’t breathe” from laughing.

One fan said: “Woman on Tipping Point just now thought Nelson’s first name was Admiral, ffs.”

Another joked: “Admiral Admiral Nelson has a ring about it.”

One cruelly tweeted: “Do contestants have to pass an audition to appear on the show?”

Other viewers continued to question her answer while one sarcastically congratulated her for the mix-up.

Julia was eventually kicked off the show after another contestant managed to get through with £600 – £150 more than she had managed to acquire.

She seemed to take it in good spirits, and thanked Ben for her time on the show and told her fellow contestants that it was “lovely to meet them,” wished them luck and told everyone to “have a great day”.

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