The Tower season 2 release date: Will DS Sarah Collins return for another series?

The Tower season 2 release date: Will DS Sarah Collins return for another series?


The Tower: ITV release trailer for new police drama series

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The Tower has run over three consecutive evenings on ITV but will come to an end on Wednesday night. Unsurprisingly, fans are eager for more from DS Sarah Collins (played by Gemma Whelan), and it seems there is scope for another series.

Will there be a second series of The Tower?

ITV initially confirmed The Tower to be a self-contained story told over three parts, and while this usually indicates a one-and-done series, this show has plenty more to offer.

The show is actually based on the first novel in Kate London’s Metropolitan series of novels – Post Mortem.

Currently, there are three books in the novel series, 2015’s Post Mortem is followed by 2017’s Death Message and 2019’s Gallowstree Lane.

While this certainly sets in motion the hope for a continuation of the show, currently ITV has not confirmed series two.

However, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen, as the cast of the show have stated they are hopeful it will live on past series one.

Joining Whelan in co-starring is Tahirah Sharif, who plays PC Lizzie Adama, and the star recently voiced her hopes for series two.

Speaking to RadioTimes, Sharif explained: “I mean, Kate London… The Tower is based on Post Mortem, [and] I think she’s written three novels.

“[The book series] kind of follows Lizzie and Sarah, these two characters, through their personal lives and their careers and potentially meeting again in different kinds of situations.

“So, I think purely based upon the fact that there are two other novels already written, I think it’s definitely got scope to carry on.”

The show is directed by Jim Loach and written by Patrick Harbinson, though neither has commented on the potential of a second series.

Both Loach and Harbinson have extensive experience in working on miniseries, known for Save Me and Fearless, respectively.

Sadly, the only indication of series two is Sharif’s hopeful comments, so it will be up to ITV on greenlighting a sequel.

What would series two be about?

If ITV does announce a second series, it will likely follow the plot of London’s second novel – Death Message.

In this book, Collins tackles a new case which has spanned two decades, one involving a mysterious disappearance and domestic violence.

The first series stayed mostly faithful to the source material, so it is likely series two would do the same.

All three books tell independent tales, so there is a chance ITV may decide to skip book two and move straight to the third – Gallowstree Lane.

The third book changes the focus of the series, as Collins is no longer the protagonist.

She still features in the story, but the plot follows DI Kieran Shaw (Emmett J Scanlan).

Shaw and Collins work together to bring down an organised crime syndicate, the Eardley Bluds.

A fourth book in the Metropolitan series is also currently being written, meaning there are plenty more tales for Collins and her team to face.

The Tower concludes Wednesday, November 10 at 9pm on ITV.

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