The Rookie teases tragedy for season 5 newcomer

The Rookie teases tragedy for season 5 newcomer


The Rookie: Nathan Fillion stars in promo for series five episode

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The fifth season of The Rookie continued earlier this month with John Nolan (played by Nathan Fillion) joined by a young new member of the team, Officer Celina Juarez (Lisseth Chavez). Unfortunately, the newcomer’s time on the popular ABC crime drama could already be coming to an end according to a shocking new promo after this week’s episode.

The Mid-Wilshire Division could be an officer down after a tense altercation in next week’s episode of The Rookie, Daddy Cop.

Next time on the hit ABC series, the LAPD cops face a wave of violent crime thanks to a lethal combo of power cuts and high temperatures.

A new promo for the episode concluded with John’s new partner apparently getting shot and left not breathing while her team scrambles to recover her.

The synopsis reads: “In the midst of a heatwave and a citywide blackout, Nolan and Aaron Thorsen (Tru Valentino) follow increasingly large leads after they discover criminals hiding at the station.

“Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil) makes an alarming discovery after being called to a scene with a pungent smell.”

In the promo, Sergeant Wade Grey (Richard T Jones) explains: “It’s going to be a busy day today.

“The heatwave has maxed out the power grid. Heat equals more violence.”

The trailer then teases a wide range of cases for the team to solve, including trespassers disguising themselves as cops and a dead body stashed in a freezer.

However, the most shocking moment of next week’s episode came at the end of the promo when Celina seemingly faces down a criminal with a shotgun.

A loud shot rings out, and John carries his new partner out of a house whilst calling for backup.

“Officer Juarez is down,” he says in a panicked voice. “She’s not breathing.”

John’s fellow officers crowd around the fallen rookie in the final shot, which reveals Celina as clearly unconscious.

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Celina was only just assigned to John near the start of the current season, so fans would be devastated if The Rookie is already planning to kill her off.

On Twitter, @TheShopTalkPod_ said: “Also that promo. Not Celina! She better be okay you guys!”

@wasp908 admitted: “I’m really worried about Celina next episode.”

And when the promo was uploaded to YouTube, Quartez Tillman predicted: “Celina has passed out, she better not [have] died.”

Thankfully, it’s unlikely such an important character’s death would be revealed in a promo, so fans shouldn’t have to worry about Celina leaving the series any time soon.

Moreover, trailers are known to mislead, and it’s ambiguous whether Celina is actually shot or has simply passed out due to the effects of the heatwave.

Either way, the medical emergency could have major consequences for the new rookie, so she may have to take a break from police work for a couple of episodes.

The Rookie season 5 continues Tuesdays on ABC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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