The Nevers Part 2: Olivia Williams teases Lavinias sinister plans for the Touched

The Nevers Part 2: Olivia Williams teases Lavinias sinister plans for the Touched


The Nevers: HBO release trailer for new series

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Viewers are patiently waiting for the continuation of The Nevers’ after the first six episodes aired on HBO earlier this year. Following some disturbing discoveries about Lavinia Bidlow’s (played by Olivia Williams) true intentions, the new drama’s supporting star has teased her plans for the Touched in part two.

Olivia Williams has revealed more about Lavinia Bidlow’s role in The Nevers after her alliance with the twisted Dr. Edmund Hague (Denis O’Hare) was exposed in the first half of season one.

Lavinia is initially introduced as a benefactor of the Touched, a group of individuals, mostly women, who were granted extraordinary powers from an otherworldly visitor.

However, the first half of the first season concluded with the revelation that Lavinia was also bankrolling the experiments of Dr. Hague.

Her association with Hague, an American surgeon who performs brutal experiments on the Touched to learn more about their powers, has thrown her true motives into question.

During a recent interview session with Deadline, Williams suggested her character could start to take on a more villainous role as the series progresses.

When asked about her plans with Doctor Hague, she teased: “Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s very sinister.”

Throughout the series, the Touched face overwhelming prejudice from all sides, including Lavinia’s circle of wealthy friends and members of the London elite.

While they deal with Touched serial killer Maladie (Amy Manson) and the search for their true identities, Amalia (Laura Donnelly) and the others could face a threat much closer to home in the next instalment.

Williams continued: “What does Lavinia really want from the Touched, what does she really want from the Galanthi, what does she want from Doctor Hague?

“The answer to any of those would be spoilers, but I think there is a question going on that the piece is asking about charity and why people show people charity.”

The actress went on to explain how Lavinia’s backhanded charity work directly ties into the themes of the series.

The Nevers tackles how Victorian society consistently oppressed and downplayed the achievements of women, despite their potential to succeed.

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While the Touched are relegated to even lower levels of the class system, the maligned group believed they had found solace in Lavinia’s charity and hospitality.

However, Amalia and her cohort’s trust in Lavinia could very well prove to be their downfall in the second half of the series.

Williams explained: “In many of the workhouses and the charitable establishments of Victorian times you had to behave in a way that the rich people approved of.

“Charity always comes at a price, and you have to look at the intentions and the politics and maybe the needs or things that are lacking in the person who is being charitable.”

“They may be rich but they may be poverty stricken in other ways.”

It seems the curtain has finally been pulled back on Lavinia’s true intentions for the Touched, and she may start to work more closely with Dr. Hague in the coming episodes.

Finally, the actress warned: “She’s scary; watch out for Lavinia.”

The Nevers’ return isn’t expected until 2022, so fans will sadly have some time to wait before Lavinia’s ulterior motives finally come to light.

The Nevers is available to stream on NOW and HBO Max.

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