The Larkins Tim Fisher star speaks out future series ‘We don’t know yet’

The Larkins Tim Fisher star speaks out future series ‘We don’t know yet’


The Larkins: Stephen Hagan addresses second season possibility

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The Darling Buds of May family have returned to screens with ITV latest adaptation of the novel, The Larkins. As the series has progressed, many fans have wondered about a potential second season, which Tim Fisher star Stephen Hagan has recently addressed.

For many fans of the original 1991 series, The Larkins has returned a sense of joy, as they watched the warm-hearted adventures of the iconic family.

As the original adaptation of the series ran from 1991 to 1993, many viewers expressed their admiration for The Larkins and wondered if there would be a season two.

Stephen Hagan, who plays Tim Fisher, took to Lorraine to finally address the questions and admitted he didn’t know yet.

He stated: “We don’t know, but fingers crossed. Everyone has to watch and keep watching, and tell everybody it’s brilliant.”

This new series stars Bradley Walsh, the successor of the role as Pop Larkins, which was originally portrayed by David Jason.

Joanna Scanlan played his wife Ma Larkin, while Sabrina Bartlette starred as their daughter Mariette Larkins, the role which shot Catherine Zeta-Jones to fame in 1991.

The series followed the lives of the old-fashioned couple who lived an idyllic life with their six children, in Kent.

During season one, Tim Fisher (played by Stephen Hagan) arrived on the scene as a smooth-talking love interest for Mariette.   

While speaking to Lorraine Kelly, the actor also addressed the backlash the show received for its huge blunder.

During its fourth episode, fans noticed bluebells and strawberries growing at the same time, within the episode, where in fact they would grow during the spring and summer.

This caused an uproar on social media, with viewers threatening to “switch off” over the blunder.

After telling viewers to “keep watching” for the possibility of season two, Stephen said: “And not complain too much about strawberries and bluebells.”

In response, Lorraine laughed as she asked: “What was that all about,” and Stephen explained, “I’m not agriculturally-minded, which my grandparents would be deeply upset about.”

The actor confessed: “I didn’t realise strawberries and bluebells didn’t come out the same time.”

“And on Sunday’s episode we were picking strawberries with our tops off and Mariette was lying down in bluebells, which apparently doesn’t happen at the same time,” he added.

Lorraine quipped, “but I don’t care,” and laughed as Stephen responded: “I’m glad and if you do care that’s okay as well, but don’t let it make you angry.”

The actor added: “If you get angry then go play outside for a bit.”

Whilst the ITV host stated: “It’s not something worth getting angry about.”

Stephen joked: “It’s not a documentary Lorraine, it will surprise you.” will be updated with any release information about the potential season two.

The Larkins airs on ITV on Sundays at 8pm.

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