The Ipcress File star speaks out on returning for season 2 ‘Big shoes to fill’

The Ipcress File star speaks out on returning for season 2 ‘Big shoes to fill’


The Ipcress File: ITV first look promo

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Ipcress File finale.

The Ipcress File follows an ex-smuggler turned reluctant spy Harry Palmer (played by Joe Cole) who finds himself at the centre of a dangerous undercover mission, in which he uses his secret links to find a missing British nuclear scientist. After the spy fiction six-part series concludes on ITV, fans will be left wondering if Harry and his undercover team will return. The former Peaky Blinders star has hinted he could be back for another outing.

The soldier turned amoral West Berlin black-market hustler is at the centre of a huge undercover network and fans are eager to find out whether the savvy spy will return to screens in the foreseeable future.

When asked about a second outing, Joe replied: “Who knows? [There’s] big shoes to fill.”

The actor went on to add: “So let’s see how it goes down.”

Based on the 1962 novel by Len Deighton, viewers are introduced to a sharp working-class young man with sophisticated tastes who can make a lot of money. 

The 33-year-old actor claimed his character shared the same personality traits as one of his eldest relatives, which made the role easier to play.

Joe explained: “Harry uses humour almost like a weapon. His humour treads the line, but it’s facetious in the delivery.”

“He reminds me a bit of my grandad,” the TV star said before adding: “He’s very relatable.”

In the season finale, Harry is told he’s being taken to Hungary, however, the undercover hustler knows he must escape in order to survive.

In a shock twist, Harry comes to the realisation he has been in London the entire time and later discovers Major Dalby (Tom Hollander) is the one behind the plot to brainwash the scientists. 

However, the backstabbing major soon finds his comeuppance when he is killed in a staged car crash by British Intelligence.

Speaking about the relationship between the Major and Harry, actor Tom stated: “Dalby thinks Palmer is very sharp but is also a bit delinquent.”

While Tom won’t be returning for another season, the TV star gushed over the suits he wore on set which were also designed by the same tailors who’d made clothes for the biggest rockstars in Liverpool. 

Then 54-year-old beamed: “Henry Rose, the tailor who made our clothes, still makes suits for Paul McCartney.”

ITV filmed the exciting drama in both Croatia and Liverpool during the 2021 pandemic. 

Detailing his time in the Liverpudlian city, Tom said: “We were filming in a deserted Liverpool, which doubles for London. 

“Liverpool is all about people and the energy on the streets but there was no one on the streets because of the lockdown.”

Although ITV has not announced the renewal of the second outing, viewers would likely see another season based on a different Len Deighton novel about Harry, for example, Funeral in Berlin.

The novel had also been made into a 1966 film (a sequel to the first, The Ipcress File) with Michael Caine reprising his role as Harry.

However, any adaptation of Len Deighton’s novel would also likely include a host of new characters and castmates, as the protagonist takes on a brand new mission.

The Ipcress File is available to stream on ITV and ITV Hub

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