The Good Doctor star Bria Henderson opens up on blossoming relationship in season 5

The Good Doctor star Bria Henderson opens up on blossoming relationship in season 5


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The Good Doctor season four saw Shaun Murphy (played by Freddie Highmore) become the mentor of a group of first-year surgical residents who each had their own struggles. One of which was Jordan Allen (Bria Henderson) who wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion, sometimes against her own better judgement. Whereas many haven’t returned for season five, actress Henderson was promoted to a series regular, much to her delight

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Good Doctor.

Jordan left her mark in series four as she butted heads with more than one of her senior leaders.

First up was Marcus Andrews (Hill Harper) who she argued with over the morality of giving a 17-year-old breast implants.

Then there was Shaun who she felt wasn’t giving her the notes she needed to become a better doctor which led to him giving a far harsher critique to please Jordan.

Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) was later annoyed at Jordan for refusing to perform an abortion but once again, she was admired for her willingness to speak up.

Despite all of these disagreements, there is one person that Jordan has gotten along with.

She and Asher Wolke (Noah Galvin) developed a bond in their first series together which will continue throughout season five.

Speaking to, actress Henderson said: “We are going to lean more into who she is, how she deals with the patients, her relationship with the other doctors like with Dr Asher Wolke.

“They have this competitive nature and you are going to see how that is going to blossom.”

“It’s really fun playing opposite Noah [Galvin] too, he’s amazing.

“They have been placing us together a lot and that’s exciting just because of our relationship, putting Asher and Jordan together you get to know more about who they are.

“I think you will get a deeper look at both of those characters’ lives and that’s exciting for us to play too.”

So there may not be any romance on the cards just yet for Jordan but we will be seeing more of her friendship with Asher.

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Asher joined St Bonaventure Hospital at the same time as Jordan as another first-year surgical resident.

He had grown up in a strict religious family but left the community to attend university with his dreams of becoming a doctor.

Asher eventually confessed to his mum that he no longer believed and that he was gay.

With him and Jordan growing closer, fans should expect him to soon divulge even more of his backstory to his new friend.

The Good Doctor will return on Monday, November 1, for the episode Crazytown.

The synopsis for the instalment reads: “Dr Park and Dr Murphy treat an elderly Asian man brought to St Bonaventure by his daughter after being the victim of a hate crime.

“In addition, Lea goes behind Shaun’s back to help raise his negative patient satisfaction scores.”

The Good Doctor season 5 is available to watch every Monday on ABC in the USA. A UK release date has not yet been announced.

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