The Good Doctor fans left 'crying their eyes out' as Covid-19 strikes and beloved character makes 'heartbreaking' return

The Good Doctor fans left 'crying their eyes out' as Covid-19 strikes and beloved character makes 'heartbreaking' return


THE Good Doctor fans have been left 'crying their eyes out' as Covid-19 strikes and a beloved character makes a 'heartbreaking' return.

The ABC medical drama returned this week for its fourth season with the staff at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital tackling the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The scenes hit home for viewers considering the restrictions in place to varying degrees around the globe, with many in tears as they connected the real life suffering caused by the virus to the drama.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "ok the new episode of #TheGoodDoctor got me ugly crying. whew. this s**t is gonna have long lasting effects. there’s no way we can even be prepared.

"hospital personnel, people who have lost loved ones. like everything, everyone. it’s all different. i’m so sad."

Another added: "You crying? I’m not crying you crying! How can you leave us in this state! #TheGoodDoctor."

A third tweeted: "I can't stop crying….. this episode is so heartbreaking…#TheGoodDoctor."

Adding further tears was the shock return of Dr. Neil Melendez, despite him dying from internal injuries caused by an earthquake in the season three finale.

Melendez was able to finally declare his love for his colleague Dr. Claire Brown, and the first episode of season four saw them have a shock reunion of sorts.

Claire was searching through heaps of COVID patients’ belongings when she suddenly heard a reassuring voice behind her saying “Things will be OK."

As she turned around she saw Melendez, and while show boss David Shore has confirmed he is just a figment of Claire's imagination, it didn't stop viewers from sobbing over his return.

One wrote on Twitter: "I'm tweeting my sketch of @IamNickGonzalez because this new episode of The Good Doctor is just so different without Dr. Melendez. I didn't expect to see him at the end, though. I'm still crying."


The Good Doctors airs on Monday's on ABC

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