'The Daily Show' Has a Fake Sitcom About Student Debt Crisis (Video)

'The Daily Show' Has a Fake Sitcom About Student Debt Crisis (Video)


It’s funny because it’s going to follow you around until you die


On Thursday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah did a deep dive into the increasingly serious student debt crisis, and to illustrate the dire short term and long term possible consequences, he rolled out a genuinely funny, but also really depressing, fake sitcom.

Called “Meet the Debts,” the gag is that the debt crisis will be so significant it will even change the genre of family sitcoms to reflect the way families in real life will cope. The clip features Roy Wood Jr. as the Debt family father, Desi Lydic as the Debt family mom, and Jaboukie Young-White as their son, who is forced to move back home because he can’t afford to pay off his student loans.

Cue plenty of three camera sitcom cliches — audience cheers whenever a popular character enters the room, laughter at bad punch lines, etc — but paired with some, uh, rather depressing real life ideas.

For instance, the parents are forced to sublet their son’s room to cover their mounting bills. Later, both father and son are hiding behind furniture to avoid debt collectors. And there’s a brutal (but hilarious) joke at the end about how the father can’t commit suicide because the family can’t afford a funeral.

Watch the whole thing above — and uh, feel anxious.

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