The Crown cast ‘try not to think about’ what royal family think of series ‘It’s so tricky’

The Crown cast ‘try not to think about’ what royal family think of series ‘It’s so tricky’


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The fourth season of The Crown charts Prince Charles’ (played by Josh O’Connor) romance with Princess Diana (Emma Corrin) from their first meeting to the breakdown of their marriage. The couple decide to go their separate ways in the final episode of the series and it’s been reported the royal family are not happy with the show’s depiction of their relationship. Emma has admitted it is tough but they alway try to remind viewers the majority of the series is “fictionalised”.

Appearing on the Tamron Hall show in the US this week, Emma was asked about the reaction of the royals.

She noted: “It’s a difficult one. I think for everyone, on the The Crown, we always try and remind everyone that the series we are in is fictionalised.

“Obviously, it has its roots in reality and fact but Peter Morgan’s scripts are works of fiction.”

The 24-year-old added with “Diana it’s still very much fresh,” so she’s not surprised “people would be upset”.

Referencing the research writer Peter Morgan does before penning the series, Emma continued: “I suppose, we approach these people that we play as characters which is why its such a joyous job because Peter writes such rich and complex characters.

“Like the rest of the cast, I would kind of would rather not think about it.

“It’s so tricky because, as you said, there is so much pain still left with everything surrounding Diana.

“I can’t imagine what it’s like for them. Like Olivia [Colman] said this series is fictionalised but it all comes from a place of respect and love.”

It comes after Charles actor Josh said he was keen not to portray the royal as “a villain”.

He told Radio Times: “It’s the most famous breakdown of a marriage in history, and a lot of the accounts are from Diana’s side.

“I was keen not to play a villain. But what I’m pleased about is that in the last series people felt an affection for Charles, and a sympathy, and that was a really important foundation for telling this story.”

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In the series, Charles can be seen becoming increasingly annoyed with his wife when she garners more attention than he does on their tour of Australia and New Zealand.

He’s further incensed in the final episode when Diana has an incredibly successful solo tour of New York.

Charles is seen screaming at his wife for her behaviour on the trip, hinting he was jealous of the attention she got.

Josh noted how it “didn’t rest well with me that Charles was just jealous of fame or celebrity”.

He added: ”People felt like they knew her, and Charles just didn’t have that.”

Commenting on the depiction of their relationship, Josh continued: “It’s a tragic story of two people who loved each other and weren’t equipped to give the other person the thing they needed.

“It’s beautiful and painful and poetic.”

The Crown season 4 is streaming on Netflix now.

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