The Chase player makes embarrassing question blunder leaving audience giggling

The Chase player makes embarrassing question blunder leaving audience giggling


The Chase took an hilarious turn during the latest edition of ITV show as one player was left humiliated after answering a question very wrong.

The slip-up left The Chaser Paul "The Sinnerman" Sinha ridiculing them, his team disappointed and the audience in absolute hysterics.

Contestant Howard, from Bradford was asked a question about religion by host Bradley Walsh.

The offending question was: "Representing the infinite, Hindu gods are often depicted with what colour skin? Blue, orange, or red?"

Immediately responding, exam invigilator Howard locked in an answer almost as fast as quiz champion Paul.

Bradley teased Howard's answer: "You have put red."

Determined that his answer was correct, he explained: "I have been to a Sikh temple, and I seem to have a view that there was a lot of red."

Bradley announced the correct answer: "Blue." – leaving Howard to go as red as a tomato.

After Bradley had revealed the answer, the contestant's team looked at each other in complete disappointment as they had realised the mistake he had made.

The Chaser had chosen the correct answer, blue, and went on to ridicule Harold and his error.

"Yeah, going to a Sikh temple to answer a question about Hinduism is probably not the way to go," he mocked.

Realising what he had done, Howard dropped his head as the audience laughed.

It wasn't long before fans went to Twitter to voice their opinions on the mishap, with one saying: "Question on Hindu gods on The Chase and man said 'i've been to many Sikh temples and seen a lot of red' wrong religion idiot."

With another one adding: "This fella on the chase is absolutely useless hahah."

Despite the comments questioning Howard's intellect, he managed to push through to the final stage.

The team was left with only two contestants to compete in the final chase. However, The Sinnerman, Paul, successfully won the overall chase.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV

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