'The Bachelorette': Who Is Lowell "LT" Murray IV? Instagram, Age, Job, and Spoilers About Michelle Young’s Cast Member

'The Bachelorette': Who Is Lowell "LT" Murray IV? Instagram, Age, Job, and Spoilers About Michelle Young’s Cast Member


The Bachelorette is getting ready to kick off season 18 with Michelle Young. Michelle, a teacher and Minnesota native, will have 30 suitors to choose from. Lowell “LT” Murray IV is among them. So who is LT on The Bachelorette Season 18? Here’s everything you need to know about LT, including his Instagram, age, job, and more.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains potential spoilers about Lowell “LT” Murray and Michelle Young on The Bachelorette Season 18 in 2021.]

Who is Lowell’ LT’ Murray IV on ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 18 with Michelle Young?

LT’s bio on ABC’s website says Michelle’s contestant hails from Bellevue, Washington, and we know that Michelle calls Minnesota home. This could be an issue in the long run if either is opposed to long-distance relationships.

According to ABC, “LT says he doesn’t have any real deal breakers and is more focused on finding a genuine connection in a partner. He wants to find someone who will appreciate his quirky sense of humor, join him on long walks and truly bring out the best in him. LT is a romantic at heart who, at his core, just wants to find someone with whom to watch old movies and exchange love letters.”

A clip showed the men talking about their personal love language in a recent post from the official Bachelorette Instagram. When it was LT’s turn, he mentioned both physical touch and words of affirmation. So, it looks like Michelle might have some flexibility with this potential suitor.

How old is Lowell’ LT’ Murray IV from ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 18, and what does he do for a living?

LT is 38 years old and has the “yoga guru” title listed as his job on his official ABC profile. After some basic internet sleuthing, we learned that LT is a personal trainer and a yoga instructor at Live Love Flow in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, Washington. Right now, it looks like the fitness instructor is taking clients, according to his website. 

‘The Bachelorette’ participant Lowell’ LT’ Murray IV has a connection to Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood

For The Bachelorette fans who have been doing their homework, they may have noticed one particular detail on LT’s bio on ABC’s website. It says that “LT has one tattoo – his grandfather’s initials over his heart.” Usually, we wouldn’t think twice about it. However, as we researched, we discovered that LT is the grandson of a Hollywood legend. Although the tattoo he mentions in his bio is for his paternal grandfather, our sleuthing led us to the discovery about Eastwood.

LT is the grandson of actor Clint Eastwood. LT’s mom was given up for adoption at a young age, however, in adulthood, decided to seek out her birth parents. Once she found her birth certificate, it was revealed that Clint Eastwood was her father. After she tracked him down, he welcomed her and her family into his own. It looks like the crew has remained close ever since.

What is Lowell’ LT’ Murray IV’s Instagram?

For those who want to take a closer look at LT’s personal life, The Bachelorette participant can be found on Instagram under the handle @ltmurrayiv. His most recent post on Oct. 3 mentions how happy he is that he didn’t get chosen to be the next Bachelor, and the photo includes him loving on his two Savannah cats. 

Regardless, we can’t wait to see his journey on The Bachelorette with Michelle Young. Season 18 premieres on Oct. 19, 2021.

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