‘The Avengers’: Tom Hiddleston Says He Wanted the Audience To Cheer When Loki Got Hulk-Smashed

‘The Avengers’: Tom Hiddleston Says He Wanted the Audience To Cheer When Loki Got Hulk-Smashed


Tom Hiddleston has been getting a lot more attention since Marvel’s release of his new Disney+ series, Loki, but the British actor has been part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for many years. He initially debuted as Loki in 2011’s Thor and went on to star in all three movies within the Avengers franchise.  

In The Avengers Loki was established as the primary antagonist that the Avengers would have to team up against, but in subsequent films, he became more of an antihero figure with some redeeming qualities. 

Looking back on his role in the trilogy’s iconic first movie, Hiddleston recently admitted that he wanted viewers to dislike Loki so much that they’d cheer when the Hulk brutalized him at the film’s end.

Tom Hiddleston has fond memories of playing Loki in the first ‘Avengers’ film

Hiddleston discussed his role in The Avengers during a recent interview with GQ, noting that the blockbuster movie was the first of its kind. 

“It was the first big team-up superhero film, and I remember reading the script and I was thinking, ‘Ok, there are six of them, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, and Hawkeye. And there’s one of me.’ And the way this film is structured is the Avengers have to win. And we all want to root for the Avengers.”

While working on The Avengers, Hiddleston realized that although Loki didn’t necessarily have the common superpowers other heroes might have, his intellect and cunning personality made him a great villain. 

“And it was so brilliant because it was almost [like] Loki’s superpower—which is his mercurial shapeshifting and his capacity to manipulate situations, his wit, his charm, his sort of strategic intelligence—is used to turn these individual characters against each other initially so that he has the upper hand. And then in the second act, they actually all unite as a team to stop him.”

The ‘Loki’ star wanted wanted viewers to cheer when the Hulk smashed him

Even though Loki is primarily considered an antihero nowadays, he was characterized as a villain in The Avengers. Knowing this, he did as much as he could to get the audience to despite him.  

“I remember thinking, ‘I’ve got to really lean into being a pure antagonist in this one,’ because the balance of the film needs to be such that … I wanted the audience to cheer at the end when he gets Hulk-smashed. And I think they did.” 

Every actor involved with filming ‘The Avengers’ loved the experience 

After the success of the first Avengers movie, Marvel produced two sequels that were both critically and commercially successful. Looking back on the franchise’s cultural impact, Hiddleston acknowledges that every actor involved in the movie felt lucky to have been included. 

“When the film came out and it kind of became what it became, we were all so honored, I guess. We were so honored that it seemed to work and it seemed to connect, and that was a very special experience to share with them because the Avengers suddenly occupied a position in the culture, which they … carried on to the second film and the third film, and the Avengers are this team that everybody in the world has heard of.”

Loki is now streaming on Disney+

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