‘That’s not me!’ James Martin sends guest into hysterics as he’s interrupted by pet dog

‘That’s not me!’ James Martin sends guest into hysterics as he’s interrupted by pet dog


James Martin introduces his dog on Saturday Morning

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James Martin welcomed singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti onto his Saturday Morning ITV show this weekend. The TV chef cooked up a number of tasty treats for the musician. However, while serving up some steak, James was interrupted by an unexpected visitor, causing Jack to get the giggles.

While James was plating up his dish, he explained he was using a herb called chervil to garnish his steak.

He said: “It’s amazing with beef. But, I mean this with anything, chefs love this sort of stuff.

“It’s quite difficult to get hold of so growing it is probably the best way,” the chef added.

“That looks fantastic,” Jack remarked, admiring the plate of food in front of him.

James continued: “But, also you can keep it. Any bits you’ve got left over blanch it, put it in oil and I blended it, and it produces this amazing sort of bright green oil.

“You can then split the sort of sauce with this bright green oil,” he explained.

As the chef added the finishing touches to his dish, something made a noise from behind his kitchen counter.

“That’s not me making a noise!” James exclaimed, causing Jack to burst out laughing.

He revealed: “Whenever I’m doing this at home we’ve got this little fella over here.”

Jack laughed as James lifted up his pet dog Ralph to show the viewers at home.

James joked that his dog should be allowed to have a taste of the meal he’d just made.

He teased: “Ralph-y look at that! Do you want that or should I give that to Jack?”

“Awh man,” Jack laughed, watching James tease his pet with the tasty treat.

“You deserve it more than Jack don’t you?” James said to his dog.

Jack remarked: “I can’t argue with that!”

“You’re cuter than him, look at that,” James fawned over his pet.

After placing Ralph back on the floor, the chef wrapped up his cooking demonstration.

He said: “There we have it, steak with truffle pasta and a Madeira sauce, done.”

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs Saturdays at 9:30am on ITV.

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