Teen Mom Farrah Abraham slammed as 'disgusting' for sharing anti-abortion post

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham slammed as 'disgusting' for sharing anti-abortion post


TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham was slammed as "disgusting" by fans after she shared an anti-abortion tweet.

The former reality star once revealed she attempted to get an abortion when she was 16, but her mom, Debra Danielson, shut down the idea.

The 30-year-old took to Twitter to retweet a post from controversial representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

It read: "Happy Sunday, everyone! Today, let’s pray to END ABORTION in America!"

Farrah retweeted the statement, which appeared on her own profile, and which led fans to react.

One person on Reddit shared: "I think Farrah just likes to be damn controversial for the attention."

Another added: "I am a lot of things about this however shocked isn't one," and a user claimed, "Farrah's brain is rotten so this doesn't shock me."

A fan even suggested: "Farrah holds whatever belief she believes will make her the bigger martyr, that's literally it.

"Whatever 'side' is going to get her the most heat/attention, that's the stance she has on that particular subject."

Farrah's stance may come as a surprise to some, however, as she once revealed she attempted to get an abortion when she learned she was pregnant at the age of 16.

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On the reality series Couples Therapy in 2014, Farrah claimed to the show’s psychotherapist, Dr. Jenn: "I tell my mom that I’m pregnant, and I tell her, ‘Here’s the form that I need you to sign, you know Plan B, you know, takes it away. Everything’s fine.'

“And my mom starts crying and then she’s like, ‘You know, we believe in God, and you’re not gonna kill a living thing.'”

An emotional Farrah then explained that she was only “trying to fix things.”

Dr. Jenn responded: “All you knew was that you weren’t ready for a baby. You wanting to take Plan B was completely understandable.”

"My mom didn’t see it that way," Farrah said, however, she added: “I know in the end it was the right choice to have my daughter."


MTV fans got to see Farrah handle being a young mother to her daughter, Sophia, on 16 & Pregnant, and eventually on the spinoff series Teen Mom OG.

Farrah's baby daddy Derek passed away before Sophia was born, but the ex TV star has mentioned him numerous times and has even visited his gravesite.


Over the years, the mom of one has received plenty of backlash for her questionable parenting decisions.

Previously, she heard it from fans when she allowed her 12-year-old to hang with her on an "inappropriate" yacht party in Mexico.

Farrah also admitted that Child Protective Services once "threatened to take Sophia" away from her over "unsafe actions."

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