'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Once Blamed Her Sister for a Drunk Driving Incident

'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Once Blamed Her Sister for a Drunk Driving Incident


While Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood may be taking over the Teen Mom media spotlight currently, we can’t forget that Farrah Abraham was once the center of attention. Farrah started her TV career off with 16 and Pregnant and since maintained her fame via social media and other reality shows. While she no longer appears with her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia Abraham, on Teen Mom OG, fans love seeing what she’s up to next.

We see plenty of Farrah and Sophia online, and even Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen, is quite present. But what about Farrah’s half-sister, Ashley Danielsen? It turns out the sisters have quite a complicated relationship — and Farrah even blamed Ashley for an incident involving a DUI.

Ashley Danielsen and Farrah Abraham have had a complicated relationship for years


Farrah’s Instagram features her daughter, Sophia, and occasionally her mother, Debra — but it’s a rare day that fans would see any trace of Ashley. In Touch Weekly notes Ashley and Farrah share the same mother but have a different father. And it seems the half-siblings do share some commonalities, as they both have children. Otherwise, it appears there’s been quite a lot of tension between the two of them over the years.

Ashley told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup back in 2017 that the two rarely speak. “I have a full schedule and I’m assuming she probably does too. Children, work, sports, appointments, school, etc… Life just gets in the way,” she added. And while Ashley and Farrah both have kids, it appears the cousins don’t have any relationship with one another. “I don’t get to spend any time with Sophia. I think that’s the part that makes me the saddest. Our family was very close growing up. We were with our cousins almost every day. I think it’s sad that my kids won’t have that relationship with Sophia,” Ashley told the publication.

The drunk driving incident divided them further

Many Teen Mom fans have wondered if Farrah has any close family members or friends. And while the star may have been tight with Ashley at some point, it seems there’s one moment between them that may have driven the divide even further. Back in March 2013, Farrah was arrested for drunk driving — but the story she told seems to put some blame on Ashley.

As the Teen Mom star told In Touch, “It was St. Patrick’s Day and I was out with my sister. I did not plan to drink because I was sick, so I took the role of being in charge and making sure my sister and I would return home together and safely.” Farrah then added that she ended up drinking “to pass the time” until her sister would be ready to go around 12:30 in the morning. “When I was parked, a police officer asked me what I was doing, so I told him I was worried about my sister and I was trying to go home,” Farrah said. “They insisted on the regular questions and asked me to get out of the car. I got out of the car, and because I was upset, I yelled.”

Farrah also added that because she was sick, this is what actually caused the breathalyzer test to register that she was over the legal alcohol limit. And it appears after this event, Farrah and Ashley weren’t nearly as close.

Does Ashley want to break into reality TV?


Farrah may no longer be part of the Teen Mom crew, as she was let go from the network for participating in the adult film industry. So, will Ashley return to the world of Teen Mom after appearing just a few times in the past alongside her half-sister? It’s doubtful. Ashley told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that she wants to maintain her privacy and keep out of the spotlight.

“I value my privacy and the privacy of my children. I don’t feel it’s a productive use of my time,” she told the publication. “I really don’t care to be on camera. Time is money and they don’t pay me enough to be a part of that mess!”

Farrah has talked about how she wished Ashley would participate in Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition in the past, but it seems Ashley wanted nothing to do with that, too. We’re not so sure where the sisters stand now — but considering how seldom we see Ashley featured on Farrah’s social media, they may just keep their distance.

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