'Teen Mom' Fans Are Surprised By This Instagram Video From Farrah Abraham's Childhood

'Teen Mom' Fans Are Surprised By This Instagram Video From Farrah Abraham's Childhood


From Jenelle Evans to Amber Portwood, there are plenty of Teen Mom stars making headlines these days. But we can’t forget that Farrah Abraham may be the most controversial of them all. While Abraham first got her start on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, she was later known for her diva-like attitude — and she was even asked to leave the show due to her involvement in the adult film industry. Now, she may no longer be part of Teen Mom, but she certainly has a hefty following on social media.

Abraham’s social media primarily contains photos of her and her daughter now — but she recently posted a throwback video that fans are surprised to see. Here’s what she added to Instagram.

Farrah Abraham has mentioned having a traumatic childhood in the past

Many know Farrah Abraham for her combative nature and controversial parenting tactics. But we can’t forget that her complicated relationship with her mother, Debra Danielsen, was also exposed. While it seems like Danielsen and Abraham get along now, such wasn’t always the case. And Abraham has also discussed abuse during her childhood that may explain her behavior now.

Radar Online reports during a Teen Mom OG reunion, Abraham broke down crying in regards to her relationship with her mom and the physical abuse she endured in the past. “To understand someone’s background or upbringing or interaction with their parents or family… I don’t feel like [talking about it],” Abraham tearfully said. Even Abraham’s father said he would avoid being home when he was married to Danielsen. This may have led to feelings of abandonment for Abraham.

Danielsen denies any physical abuse Abraham claims, however. During one incident where Danielsen seemed to hit Abraham on camera, Danielsen still maintains she actually hit the seat instead.

Abraham recently posted a happy memory to her Instagram


Abraham very much lives in the now, as we rarely see throwback photos on her social media. We typically see new modeling photos or snaps from her lavish vacations with 10-year-old daughter Sophia. But recently, Abraham posted this video to her Instagram of her as a kid riding her tricycle. While her followers are used to seeing her posed in all of her content, this may stand as Abraham’s most candid video or photo yet. She posted it in memory of her grandfather who recently passed.

“I gotta thank my grandpa for this one in memory of his birthday this month .. my childhood with the gang [sic],” Abraham captioned this sweet video. “Before tv, before drama, before school, being the youngest and entertaining myself showing love to the camera was always my thing love you grandpa for showing me we all can be stars [sic].”

Her fans are surprisingly gentle with their comments


Abraham has plenty of supporters, but more often than not, it’s the negative comments that float up to the top of her Instagram. Such is not the case with her video of her riding her tricycle, however. Compared to the rest of what Abraham posts, the innocence and genuine nature of her throwback video is actually something her followers really appreciate and would love to see more of.

“Oh my gosh your daughter looks exactly like you as a kid so sweet you have old videos to look back on [sic],” one of Abraham’s followers commented. Another wrote, “You actually seem normal here.” Yet another added, “This is the most real you ever looked in your whole entire life.”

Many others couldn’t help but make the comparison between Abraham and her daughter’s looks, too. Though they also added that they wished her 10-year-old could have a normal childhood like the one presented here. Maybe Abraham will feel inspired to allow her daughter to live a less lavish life now that her fans have pointed this out, but we’re not holding our breath.

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