'Teen Mom 2': Leah Messer Has a Message for Jenelle Evans

'Teen Mom 2': Leah Messer Has a Message for Jenelle Evans


Leah Messer has been living the good life. The TV personality just spent some time in Hawaii with her fellow cast member, Kailyn Lowry. While she was away, her former co-worker, Jenelle Evans, took to Twitter to call out Messer for being a “bad mom” because she, too, had her children removed from her care at one point. While Messer is busy enjoying some summer fun with her family, she took a couple of seconds out of her day to respond to Evans’ claims on Twitter, and her response is epic.

Leah Messer’s response to Jenelle’s tweets are perfect

Messer interrupted her family time to finally respond to Evans’ allegations. While she didn’t go into her custody situation, or what happened way back when she did have a custody battle on her hands, she advised Evans to mind her own business.

Messer also let fans know that she believes Evans feels like she has to pin her troubles on someone else, according to Entertainment Tonight. She replied to another tweet later to let her fans know that she doesn’t believe Evans is worth her time. Evans and Messer no longer appear on the same TV show, so they really don’t need to keep up appearances any longer.

Messer has been a fan favorite for years, so attacking theWest Virginia native probably wasn’t in Evans’ best interest. Several fans cameout to defend Messer and her parenting. They also took to the social mediaplatform to rage at Evans for even comparing herself to Messer.

Did Leah every really lose custody?

Evans might have tried to compare her custody battle with Messer’s old drama, but fans were quick to point out that the two situations were very different. Simms took full custody of Aleeah and Aliannah when Messer was seeking treatment for anxiety and depression.


According to Us Magazine, the former couple argued over the kids for a short time before Simms took custody of the girls, but the following year hey reverted to their old 50/50 custody agreement. Now, they work together to ensure the kids get a say in where they want to spend time.

In short, CPS was never involved in Leah’s custody battle.She was never prevented from having unsupervised time with her children, andonce she was on the road to recovery, she and Simms worked out an agreementthat worked for them.


Evans, on the other hand, had three children removed from her home by CPS. The children were then placed in temporary housing while Evans and Eason tried to prove they were fit parents. The couple was not allowed to see the children unsupervised. While their case has been dismissed, fans have serious concerns about their parenting abilities. 

Jenelle claims she has details that no one else does

When things didn’t pan out exactly like Evans thought they would, she took to Twitter to suggest she has more information than the general public. In fact, she alleges she’s spoken directly to Corey Simms and Miranda Paterson about their custody agreement.

Simms and Paterson have been married since 2013. While Simms is an active and involved father, Paterson has also worked hard to develop a good relationship with the girls.  Evans’ suggestion that she has the skinny on Messer from the pair seems unlikely to most fans.


Even if she does have some secret intel, the custody battle between Simms and Messer went down back in 2015. Since then, things have settled down. Messer also has a sold relationship with Jeremy Calvert, who is the father of the Teen Mom 2 star’s youngest daughter. 

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