Teachers are tired Headteacher sparks fury as she says parents should teach children

Teachers are tired Headteacher sparks fury as she says parents should teach children


Phillip Schofield gets caught checking weather on his phone

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This Morning presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby returned to the ITV discussion show after a festive break on Monday, where they explored the latest debates. Katharine Birbalsingh, who’s been dubbed “the strictest teacher”, ignited debate on social media when she made the claims about parents being responsible for further educating their children out of school hours recently. Explaining her statement, she elaborated on what she meant, but This Morning viewers fumed that it isn’t up to parents to teach their children each day.

Katharine stated: “My main concern is simply that sometimes parents sort of tick the box and think, ‘I’ve sent my child off to school’.

“And they don’t really know what the child is accessing, and sometimes the child will access some really excellent teaching all of the time, and other times the teacher might be absent, the teacher might be tired.

“You might have a deputy heading a gym with 120 children because there aren’t enough teachers in at the moment because of the Covid situation.”

Reacting to her claims, Twitter user MrMcDonald raged: “Oh f*** off you get paid to teach kids, do your f***ing job #thismorning.”

Alice referred to Birbalsingh’s initial tweet, arguing: “Defo tweeted that for attention #thismorning.”


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