Take care of this planet Joan Collins brands William Shatner ‘a fool’ over space flight

Take care of this planet Joan Collins brands William Shatner ‘a fool’ over space flight


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Appearing on this week’s The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday, actress and author Dame Joan Collins, 88, talked about 90-year-old William Shatner’s space venture as she branded him “a fool”. The upcoming ITV show will see the actress, along with Succession’s Brian Cox, comedian Rob Beckett and footballer turned presenter Alex Scott.

Joan reacted to Star Trek star William’s new title as the oldest person to go into space.

She commented: “It’s amazing, isn’t it? What a fool. Who wants to do that?

“No, absolutely not [I would not]! Did you see Bill Shatner? 

“He was in the air and they were turning him upside down.

“Let’s take care of this planet first before we start going off.”

When asked if he’d go into space, actor Brian, 75, replied: “No, absolutely not.”

He went on: “I think it’s ridiculous. I remember watching [Sir Richard] Branson and [Jeff] Bezos going up for their 11 minutes or whatever…

“No, we do not need more spaceships, we’ve got enough crap flying around up there, we do not need any more.”

“I’m up for it actually,” Rob chimed. “It’d be a laugh for an afternoon.

“I get that we probably shouldn’t… but it’s a lot of travelling just to get to the place where it takes off.

“I’ve got to do a long haul flight… if he was taking off near my house, I’d go.

“I wouldn’t travel for it, I don’t think. Is that lazy?”

Last Wednesday, the award-winning actor blasted into space as a guest on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin ship.

He was one of four passengers making the flight.

Elsewhere on the show, Joan talked about her new autobiography, My Unapologetic Diaries.

“I’ve been keeping diaries since I was 12 or 13,” she explained.

“Little tiny diaries, my writing… I had to take a magnifying glass to look at it now.”

She added: “It goes back and forth from 1989 and the whole diaries go through up until about 2006.

“I have some quite unapologetic feelings about people. I’ve had some very good reviews on the book and had,: ‘Well she’s very bitchy about people.’

“Well, hello, that’s what people like to read!”

The Jonathan Ross Show airs on Saturday at 9.30pm on ITV.

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