SWAT blunder: Eagle-eyed fans expose glaring Luca and Deacon arrest mishap

SWAT blunder: Eagle-eyed fans expose glaring Luca and Deacon arrest mishap


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S.W.A.T recently released their season four finale and the CBS action drama gained huge popularity. With more eyes across the world watching the show, there’s a higher chance of blunders being spotted and exposed, much like this one from season one, where the officers botch an arrest.

S.W.A.T follows a team of officers led by Sergeant Daniel ‘Hondo’ Harrelson (Shemar Moore) as they work to fight hardcore criminals in an effort to bring peace to the Los Angeles streets.

This is especially important to Hondo as the area where they patrolled was the community he grew up in, even the locals knew him by name.

In an effort to ensure that his team kept the peace he made sure they always relied on communication and respect over aggression and force.

As, the guy in charge, Hondo was fiercely loyal to the badge and the community he proudly served.

In season one episode five, a fan noticed a major blunder with an arrest and exposed it on moviemistakes.com.

The viewer commented: “Towards the end, when Luca and Deacon are bringing the criminal they caught to one of the cars, he has his hands tied up over the hands themselves and not at the wrists, making that kind of restraint completely ineffective.”

This was a huge mishap because, with loose restraints, the criminal could’ve easily wriggled their way out of it and escaped or possibly attacked an officer.

The eagle-eyed fan was able to focus on the restraints whilst other viewers were immersed in the intense storyline.

In this episode, the team had to focus on a group of imposters who posed as the S.W.A.T so they could rob houses and people.

Fans witnessed this in the shocking opening scene when a family were at a table enjoying a meal as the fake S.W.A.T. team burst in and attempt to burgle the house.

While the team worked out who was causing havoc, Deacon Kay (Jay Harrington) and Dominic Luca (Kenny Johnson) were assigned to protect professional hockey player Bobby Strock (John Scott) who was vising L.A. and receiving death threats.

But it was his attitude that kept getting him into trouble. At a bar, they were getting booed and being jeered as he played for the opposing side.

Later on in the episode, the police officers were called in to resolve a hostage situation and this is where the fans noticed the mishap.

More recently CBS announced that S.W.A.T had been renewed for season five and that it would be coming to screens later this year.

After an unexpected ending to season four, Hondo’s future at the Los Angeles Police Department was left hanging in the balance.

He had been demoted from sergeant after he told the press that there had been some racist behaviour at the station, among the officers.

This sparked a major protest which even led to the station being bombed.

With his colleagues calling for him to get fired from the LAPD, he was instead demoted for his actions.

It is unknown what will happen to Hondo on the upcoming season five of S.W.A.T so fans will have to stay tuned to find out of he will be able to keep his job and continue to serve his community.

All episodes of S.W.A.T are available to stream on CBS.

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