Susanna Reid says Piers Morgan won’t be back on GMB despite Ofcom ruling

Susanna Reid says Piers Morgan won’t be back on GMB despite Ofcom ruling


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Good Morning Britain star Susanna Reid has confirmed that Piers Morgan won’t be returning to the show.

The 50-year-old presenter has had her say on how she felt when her co-host stormed off-set after an explosive row with weather presenter Alex Beresford.

The row concerned Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle – and the show segment reached a record breaking number of complaints to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom for Piers’ disbelief over her mental health struggles.

Piers later won the Ofcom battle – but not before he quit the show altogether.

Now his former co-host has opened up to the Mail’s Weekend about the incident.

Susanna admitted it felt "surreal" when Piers up and left.

"I went out to talk to him; we had an animated discussion. I don’t remember what I said, it’s all a bit of a blur now, but back he came," she said.

"I didn’t think he’d really leave the show."

Susanna continued: "He’s not left ITV – he’s still doing Life Stories. But no, he won’t be back on the GMB sofa."

And though Susanna and Piers still text each other regularly and talk on the phone – they haven’t met up in person since the row.

The controversial presenter has, however, invited her for a "boozy" lunch when the "dust settles."

It comes after reports that ITV’s director of television Kevin Lygo is said to be fighting a "one man mission" to bring Piers back to the GMB set, according to The Sun.

A senior GMB source claimed to the publication: "The bosses know they need to give the show an entire refresh and will do so in the next couple of months.

"That’s not going to involve Piers though, the chances of him returning are slim to zero. Kevin is a big fan and has always said so, but he’s fighting a losing battle internally sadly."

The source claimed bosses had planned to refresh the show this month, but "want to get it right" so are taking their time.

They added: "Richard and Martin are topping the viewer approval ratings at the moment so they’re in the mix and fans will see more of them in the next few weeks."

It comes in spite of Piers winning his Ofcom battle, with an ITV spokeswoman saying of the ruling: "We welcome the Ofcom ruling that Good Morning Britain did not breach the broadcast standards relating to harm and offence.

"The ruling sets out clearly that it was the balance and context the programme makers provided which was key in mitigating against the potential for harm and offence which could have been caused by Piers Morgan’s comments.

"It is because of the programme’s editorial decisions and the opposing views which were forcefully expressed by other presenters and guests, that the programme did not breach Ofcom’s rules."

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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