Sunday Brunch fans distracted by guests undertaker outfit Funeral after the show?

Sunday Brunch fans distracted by guests undertaker outfit Funeral after the show?


Sunday Brunch: Bridget Christie discusses her outfit

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Sunday Brunch’s Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer welcomed guests Nick Grimshaw, Paul Feig, Aitch, Anitta and Bridget Christie. The latter was dressed in a black suit with a long black jacket and a top hat, and while the presenters jokingly mocked her for dressing “like a cowboy,” fans of the show pointed out she looked more like an undertaker and asked if she would be attending to “a funeral” after the show.

As they welcomed the guests, Tim and Simon pointed out Bridget’s unusual attire.

“First of all, we’ve got to point out we’ve got some beautifully-dressed guests today,” Tom commented.

Taking a pocket watch out of her outfit, Bridget remarked: “This is weird because it doesn’t work but it ticks.”

Tim added: “I think viewers will be wondering why you’ve come as a cowboy, cowgirl, cow person…”

“I think they’ll be asking why everyone else hasn’t come like that,” she replied.

“Do you know what, you’re right,” Nick replied. “I didn’t get the memo.”

Bridget added: “I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t look better like this.”

She went on to joke: “Name anybody – the Queen would look better.”

“It’s actually the go-to fancy dress outfit, isn’t it?” Tim remarked to an offended Bridget.

“It isn’t fancy dress,” Bridget replied, adding: “I can’t believe you.

“I’m absolutely – that’s it, the whole show, gone. Fancy dress?”

Tim apologised as he asked: “You haven’t got a gun holster there, have you?”

“I have, but I’m not allowed anything in it,” Bridget explained.

Viewers watching from home were also quick to comment about the comedian’s outfit, seemingly finding it distracting from the show’s topics.

Twitter user @domain_harry wrote: “Bridget paying homage to the undertaker respect #sundaybrunch.”

Cheeky Chops asked: “Has Bridget a funeral to attend to after the show ? #SundayBrunch.”

@iluvbatfink remarked: “Take your hat off inside. Rude. #SundayBrunch.”

@MissLionHeart penned: “Bridget Christie won’t feel the benefit when she goes outside #SundayBrunch.”

“Who’s the undertaker in the middle? #SundayBrunch” @clsyoshimoo asked.

Tina commented: “#SundayBrunch Who are these people and why is there a goth matador at the table!?”

“Bridget Christie looks very different… #SundayBrunch,” @fluteuphisnose added.

Sunday Brunch airs weekly at 9.30am on Channel 4.

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