Stu is stunned by life changing request in new Coronation Street video

Stu is stunned by life changing request in new Coronation Street video


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Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) faces a daunting prospect in Coronation Street as the aftermath of Bridget’s (Beth Vyse) confession continues.

In a recent episode of the ITV soap, Stu finally discovered what really happened to Charlie Walter and who killed her – his daughter.

After spending time with Stu, Yasmeen (Shelley King) and young Eliza, Bridget couldn’t handle the guilt and told her dad that she killed Charlie after growing jealous and angry over his affair.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also told Stu that Lucy (Lynda Rooke) helped cover the death up and allowed him to take the fall for Charlie’s death.

Of course, Stu knows that once the police are aware of the truth, it will mean he’s exonerated – the false imprisonment that hanged over him for the majority of his life would be no more.

While Stu is desperate for that, he knows that it will also mean time behind bars for Bridget and Lucy.

Coming up, as this new video shows, the pressure keeps building for Stu as he receives a call from his daughter, who’s in prison.

Bridget confirms that she’s resigned to her fate and tells Stu that she’d like him and Yasmeen to look after Eliza.

With Yasmeen and Stu struggling to deal with this latest twist, will they agree to look after Eliza and stop her from ending up in care?

If so, what does this mean for Stu and his quest for innocence?

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