Spoilers: Hollyoaks star teases Sienna’s reaction to Liberty and Brody betrayal

Spoilers: Hollyoaks star teases Sienna’s reaction to Liberty and Brody betrayal


Liberty Savage (Jesaamy Stoddart) is desperate to make Sienna Blake’s (Anna Passey) dreams of becoming a mum again in Hollyoaks a reality, but she’s encountered a number of obstacles along the way. However, determined to make Sienna’s wish come true, Liberty went to extreme lengths in the latest episode — and her actions could end damaging the special bond she shares with her sister.

After an incredibly tough year, Sienna came to the realisation that she wanted to be a mum again, and with Brody (Adam Woodward) also wanting a baby, the couple set about making their dreams a reality. Determined to offer help and support, Liberty offered to be her sister’s surrogate, but tragedy soon struck when she had a miscarriage.

Feeling unable to try the surrogacy again, Liberty felt as if she’d snatched Sienna’s dreams from her, and thus Sienna tried alternative methods to fill that hole in her heart, from toying with the idea of adopting Ollie (Aedan Duckworth) and Brooke’s (Talia Grant) baby, and fostering Sid (Billy Price).

Liberty decided to go give the surrogacy another go — much to Sienna’s delight — but she was devastated to learn that Sienna’s last egg is no longer viable, and upon informing Brody, she claimed that it would be in Sienna’s best interests for them to keep this information from her.

After giving it much thought, Liberty suggested that the only alternative course of action that would enable Sienna to have the child that she so desperately desires is if they were to sleep together.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk about Liberty’s actions, actress Jessamy Stoddart said: ‘Her intentions — in her mind — are one hundred percent pure. She sees this as the only way she can make it happen. I’ve seen at the moment people are like, ‘well can’t they just use a turkey baster?’, but she’s even looked that up and gone ‘the chances of me getting pregnant are this much, whereas we only have to do this once — it’s imperative that we only do it once.’

Brody was initially horrified by Liberty’s suggestion, but — upon realising how much he wants to make Sienna’s dreams come true — he agreed that this is a necessary evil, and thus they headed into the Love Boat to sleep together.

During last night’s episode, Brody’s conflict was incredibly apparent to viewers, and there’s no doubt that he will continue to wrestle with what’s transpired following their dalliance.

On the initial regret, Jessamy said: ‘Liberty is a bit more solid than Brody — Brody starts to regret it very quickly, but Liberty is like ‘Pull yourself together. We’ve done it, we’ll just have to see if we’re pregnant.’

As Jessamy said, Liberty researched alternative methods, meaning that this is not a decision that the character has taken lightly. There was no malice in her actions, but simply a desire to give her sister the one thing that she truly desires. Nonetheless, Jessamy reckons there will be a little bit of backlash.

She said: ‘I’m expecting backlash, definitely. But I do suspect that there will be some people who will fight their corner, because I think Liberty does do some bizarre and bonkers things, and this time it is bizarre and bonkers to a whole new level, but with completely pure intentions, so I think there’ll be some people who’ll go ‘I know why Liberty’s done it but silly, silly girl!’

Again, Liberty’s intentions were honourable, but — if Sienna were to find out the truth, would she see it this way? The teacher has demonstrated a much darker side of her personality in the past, but having her sister — and Brody — by her side has helped in making her a better person, so could such a betrayal be the catalyst in bringing out Sienna’s dark side once more?

Jessamy mused: ‘Obviously we know there are different sides to Sienna, but there is this hugely imperative thing for her of having a family. So I think she’ll be mixed, really. She’ll know — I hope — why she did it, and what their intentions were, but who knows how Sienna’s going to react?’

If Liberty’s actions resulted in the end of that special bond between her and Sienna, Jessamy reckons the character would be ‘devastated’. She said: ‘Liberty would be distraught. She’s the only family she’s really got left in the village. We’re a little team up in Sienna’s flat!’

With Christmas no doubt set to be a huge event for Hollyoaks, Jessamy teased what’s to come, saying: ‘Definitely very family orientated, this Christmas. We might be welcoming back in people you wouldn’t necessarily think we’d forgive, so there’s a lot of lovely little festive elements — we have a lovely little trip to a nice little Pentecostal service with the Deveraux/Loveday family which is gorgeous.’

Hollyoaks continues Tuesday 2nd December at 7pm on E4.

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