Soap stars and their stunning lookalike sisters – Maisie Smith to Helen Flanagan

Soap stars and their stunning lookalike sisters – Maisie Smith to Helen Flanagan


Soap stars may be portraying everyday people going about their dramatic lives, but many have stolen the show with their good looks over the years.

Not only that, they have proven that good looks run in the family, with many actors having equally good-looking siblings.

From EastEnders star Maisie Smith's lookalike older sister Scarlett to Emmerdale actress Charley Webb's soap star brother Jamie and their make-up artist Cassie, there are plenty of soap stars who have stunning family members off-screen.

As the stars post their doppelgängers on their social media pages, Daily Star has taken a look at the some of the UK's biggest soap stars and their real-life families that viewers don't see on camera.

Maisie Smith

Maisie, who has been playing mouthy Tiffany Butcher since 2008, regularly shares pictures with her sister Scarlett on her social media page.

Fans have not only been sent wild by how gorgeous Scarlett is, but also by the similarity between them and their mum.

The trio are clearly very close as they are often seen on each other's Instagram pages, and fans were loving seeing their TikToks.

One of their most recent pictures showed Maisie, 20, with Scarlett, 24, in matching white tops and blue jeans as they went out in Southend with their mum Julia, who also followed the colour code.

As Julia captioned the snap: "The Smith girls do love a night out," fans rushed to comment on just how similar the three Smiths looked together on the glam night out.

Meanwhile, Maisie is set to say goodbye to Albert Square as she has announced her pending exit, revealing that she has filmed her final scenes as Tiffany.

Helen Flanagan

Helen's character Rosie Webster may have a gorgeous sister in the shape of Sophie, aka Brooke Vincent, but she also has a stunning sister off the soap too.

Stunning Jessica looks like Helen's doppelgänger, whether Helen has got dark hair and blonde, and has been seen on several red carpets with her over the years.

She has a younger sister called Jessica, who also tried her hand at soap acting, as she revealed that she auditioned to player Helen's younger sister on Corrie.

Jessica said in 2014: "I did try acting years ago.

"Brooke Vincent and I were down to the final two for the part of Sophie Webster in Corrie.

"But for now I’m focused on the path I’ve chosen and I’m very excited about that."

Jessica went on to study psychotherapy while Helen found fame on Coronation Street until she left on maternity leave with her second daughter Delilah in 2018.

Roxy Shahidi

Glamorous Leyla Harding may have had a rocky time with her Emmerdale sister Alicia, played by Natalie Anderson, over the years, but actress Roxy Shahidi's relationship with sister Eve couldn't be any more different.

Earlier this year, Roxy shared a glamorous selfie next to her lookalike sister, who also has glossy dark hair and stunning features like her sibling.

The pair opted for glamorous tops as they struck a pose, with Leyla captioning it: ""I know it’s a ridiculously posed pic…. but this little lady is best sister a girl could ever hope for….

"Always brutally honest, emotionally intelligent and kind! Love you @itsevethorne."

The snap was a step away from yoga enthusiast Roxy's usual content, as she has her Instagram page filled with videos and pictures of herself practising yoga to encourage her followers to get involved.

She has even got her co-stars involved, sharing a snap of herself practising yoga with co-star Ash Palmisciano, who plays Matty Barton.

Daisy Wood-Davis

Hollyoaks actress Daisy shot to fame as Kim Butterfield on the Channel 4 soap from 2014 to 2018 before appearing in Holby City in 2018.

While her character Kim had sister Lindsey and Kath with her in Chesterfield, Daisy only has one in the shape of stunning Isabella.

Since giving birth to her first child Asa with co-star Luke Jerdy, her Instagram post has been filled with adorable snaps of her with her partner while they dote on their new son.

But she has occasionally posted pictures of herself with her lookalike sister Isabella as they headed on a night out in London back in 2019, both opting for simple but elegant outfits.

The pair looked very close as they could be seen with their arms round each other, with their dark blonde hair falling around their shoulders in the gorgeous pictures.

Holly Valance

Holly rose to fame as Flic Scully on Neighbours and her younger sister Olympia followed suit as she joined the soap as Paige Smith years after her sister's exit.

The half-sisters share their Serbian dad together, and also have another sister Coco who has stayed away from the spotlight.

Olympia and Holly appear to have a close relationship, but may not see each other very often as they live on opposite ends of the world, with Olympia living in their native Australia while Holly lives in Los Angeles.

After marrying billionaire Nick Candy in 2012, Holly has recently been followed by rumours that she is in the running to join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Olympia herself addressed the speculation, admitting she hadn't asked her big sister about the rumoured new job, saying: "I can't tell you how many times I have been asked this.'

"I've had everyone message me and I still haven't asked her."

However, she added that she thought Holly "would be great" in the hit US reality series, and that she thought "it would be fun" if she also made a cameo on the show if Holly joined.

Emily Head

Emmerdale star Emily Head rose to fame as Carly on the Inbetweeners, which she appeared on until the end of the show in 2010.

But she quickly appeared on screens again as Rebecca White in Emmerdale, interfering in Robert Sugden and Aaron Livesey's marriage with her meddling.

Fans may know that her dad is famous actor Anthony Head, who appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Little Britain and Doctor Who, as the pair have walked several red carpets together.

But her younger sister Daisy is also an acres, appearing in ITV show Girlfriends and BBC's The Syndicate.

The similarity between the pair is clear, despite their different colouring, with the two sisters posing with their dad at different events over the years.

Daisy is currently appearing in Netflix series Shadow and Bone, while Emily appeared in another series of The Syndicate after her sister.

Lacey Turner

It is no secret that Lacey Turner's younger sister Lily Harvey appeared on EastEnders for a brief stint from 2011 to 2012 as Shenice Quinn.

However, she also another sister who has also appeared on a soap, as her older sister Daisy had a stint on Hollyoaks.

Daisy was just 20 when she joined the Channel 4 soap in 2011 as blonde bombshell Jenny Houston, while her sister Lacey had already been on EastEnders for years.

Speaking to Liverpool Echo at the time, Daisy opened up on her struggles of starting out while Lacey was already an established actor.

She said: "All three of us do it. Lacey and I acted as kids. Our mum, Bev, let us do everything – singing, dancing and acting.

"I suppose there is a bit of pressure because she is very good at what she does.

"She has done it for years and I am just starting out."

Daisy's character Jenny was quickly killed off the soap by the evil Silas, although she has continued her acting career.

Jessie Wallace

EastEnders icon Jessie has been playing Kat Moon for over two decades, seeing off hundreds of characters and getting in plenty of catfights.

But her younger sister Danielle went down a different path, opting to become a glamour model and marrying Gypsy fighter Tony Giles and appearing in smash-hit series My Big Fat Gypsy wedding.

She and Jessie have had a volatile relationship over the years, with a number of spats making headlines due to clashes over their family circumstances.

Their last fall-out was documented back in 2019, with Danielle telling Daily Mail: "We've fallen out again. She stitched me up on my birthday, so I got the hump. I just got the nark. We fell out.

"We had a massive row and called each other all the names under the sun. It was worse than anything on a soap opera.'

"She is quite grown up. She doesn't argue back. But I am horrible."

The pair appear to have built bridges after being spotted out for dinner together in 2021, and Danielle has since found love again after splitting from Tony.

In March this year, Danielle confirmed she was dating former Broadmoor prisoner Ben Hatchett after they met on his podcast.

Danielle said: "He's passionate about anti-knife crime. He wants to make a positive difference in the world and he is very passionate about inspiring the younger generation.

"We got a really strong connection, he's caring and protective towards me. It's definitely love."

Charley Webb

Emmerdale fans are well aware that Charley Webb, who plays Debbie Dingle on the soap, is the younger half-sister Hollyoaks legend Jamie Lomas, aka Warren Fox.

But the pair also share sister Cassie, who regularly makes appearances on Charley's Instagram page.

Cassie, who is a professional make-up artist with her own academy, regularly gives Charley makeovers in front of her millions of followers to show off her skills, and fans can't believe how similar they look.

The pair share the same mum, with Charley opening up on how her mum coped after her dad's sudden death when she was 14, saying on social media: "Even now at 32. When I was 14 we lost my dad very suddenly, he was so young and so was I.

"From that day, my mum instantly became two parents.

"She had to take on both roles whilst also grieving the loss of her husband. I’ll never forget how strong she was for us all. I started working six weeks after we lost him and she was there every step of the way, encouraging me to follow my dreams and be the best person I can be."

Cassie replied to the post: "She had to take on both roles whilst also grieving the loss of her husband. I’ll never forget how strong she was for us all. I started working six weeks after we lost him and she was there every step of the way, encouraging me to follow my dreams and be the best person I can be."

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