'Snowfall' Returning for Sixth and Final Season: Here Are 5 Predictions

'Snowfall' Returning for Sixth and Final Season: Here Are 5 Predictions


FX drama series Snowfall recently concluded its fifth season. As reported in April 2022, it will return, likely sometime in 2023, for its sixth and final season. Here are five predictions of what might happen.

What might happen to Leon and Wanda in ‘Snowfall’ Season 6

After accidentally killing Skully’s (De’aundre Bonds) daughter, Tianna, in a drive-by shooting, Leon (Isaiah John) has become more conscious as he sees how crack is dividing his community.

Therefore, while dosed with LSD at Uncle Jerome and Aunt Louie’s (Amin Joseph and Angela Lewis) wedding, he asked former flame Wanda (Gail Bean) to leave the country with him, who agreed. However, he seemed reluctant to walk away from his neighborhood. Leon may die in season 6.

Getting spiritual and desperate to help those around him, Leon may get involved in a cause like the Nation of Islam. Additionally, the show might feature a similar incident like the 1991 Rodney King beatings in Los Angeles in the upcoming season, which outrages Leon, resulting in him doing something that leads to his demise.

As Franklin’s (Damson Idris) reality will probably get shut down due to his lack of funds, Wanda might not have a job to return to. Therefore, she might leave the country and do what she and Leon planned anyway.

Jerome possibly dies in ‘Snowfall’ Season 6

Season 5 ended with Franklin igniting a war between Louie and Kane (DeVaughn Nixon) after he told the former of her involvement in his attempted murder.

As Kane and his side seemed poised to take them out before Leon brokered peace, they would likely get close to the now-married couple again, especially with Franklin’s inside knowledge.

Louie has the recently fired drug-addicted cop Buckley (Brandon Jay McLaren) for security and might have Skully’s crew on her side, although he has calmed down since the death of his family.

It’s likely that Jerome actually dies as he would put himself in front of a bullet for his wife. On the other hand, Buckley may turn Louie into the police department to get his job back, especially if she flips on him first, resulting in her likely life in prison sentence due to the newly heavily enforced laws on crack possession.

Franklin, Cissy, and the KGB will defeat Teddy McDonald

By the end of season 5, Ruben (Alejandro Edda) presumably kidnapped Teddy’s (Carter Hudson) accomplice and lover, Parissa (Tiffany Lonsdale).

Additionally, Cissy (Michael Hyatt) told Franklin of her involvement with the KGB, and they both agreed to work together to capture Teddy. Therefore, it seems they already have a one-up on him.

Additionally, he had already arranged for the arrest of Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta). It’s unclear if Teddy already gave the $73 million he stole from Franklin to the CIA, but they may leave him out to dry as they’ve already cut him loose before.

Therefore, Franklin, Cissy, and the KGB will likely come out on top and kill Teddy in season 6.

What might happen to Gustavo or El Oso in ‘Snowfall’ Season 6

Once Oso retrieved his bags of cash from his storage unit, the CIA promptly arrested him, foiling his plans to leave the country with his family.

While in jail, he will likely reach out to Franklin, who will probably help his associate.

After bailing him out, Oso will likely leave America with his family as planned. With Avi (Alon Aboutboul), and presumably Teddy at the point, dead, there isn’t anything connecting him to his activity.

‘Snowfall’ Season 6 might end with Franklin getting life in prison

As for Franklin, after he gets revenge on Teddy and his aunt and uncle, he will have to get his life in order. For example, he recently learned he is in debt and in danger of losing buildings without the extra cash flow that Teddy took from his accounts.

However, he does have the money he stole from his aunt and uncle. He may use that cash to keep his reality and backup plan afloat and escape the game.

Unfortunately, it’s more likely that Franklin takes the fall for his drug dealings with the CIA as they attempt to cover their tracks following the war.

Especially as Teddy is likely murdered by this point, Franklin probably takes the fall and is sentenced to life in prison. Veronique (Devyn A. Tyler) and Cissy will presumably keep the reality going if the government doesn’t shut it down.

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