Shut it! Fern Britton hits back at contestant during Tipping Point appearance

Shut it! Fern Britton hits back at contestant during Tipping Point appearance


Tipping Point: Fern Britton tells Iain Sterling to 'shut it'

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Ben Shephard was on screens on Sunday night, presenting Tipping Point: Luck Stars, which saw Fern, comedian Iain Sterling and Made In Chelsea star Mark Francis battle it out in hopes of winning £20,000 for their chosen charity on the ITV show. But during a moment of competitiveness, Fern ordered Iain to “shut it” as the two exchanged quips in a fiery conversation.

Fern has just passed a turn over to Iain, who could select a drop zone.

Fortunately for Fern, the comedian didn’t manage to get any counters.

Ben commented that it had been “a good pass” from Fern, as Iain has “set the top shelf up nicely.”

Fern, 64, then answered the next question successfully, which caused some jokey friction between the two.

Ben asked the presenter: “During a live televised Vice Presidential debate with Kamala Harris in October 2020, a fly landed and remained for two minutes on the head of Mike who?”

“Pence,” Fern answered, as Ben remarked: “Yes, it was Mike Pence! Right, are you ready to play?”

Fern replied: “Yes, drop zone three.” But she saw her competitor’s next comment as a dig.

“Good luck, Fern,” Iain stated before the counters dropped.

Laughing, Fern said: “Shut it, Sterling!” The 33-year-old responded: “I was being genuinely sincere!”

Soon after, Mark was unfortunately eliminated from the show after winning the smallest amount.

This left Fern and Iain to play on head to head. Things were neck and neck for a while, but Fern managed to win.


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“I’m feeling sicker and sicker and sicker,” she later told Ben as she won more money for her charity.

She soon managed to win the jackpot after answering questions correctly and securing the maximum amount of money.

She tearfully said: “This is going to help so much.”

“£20,000!” Ben said. Fern replied: “It’s unbelievable, Ben.

“I won’t be able to sleep tonight, it’s just wonderful – thank you!”

“Our pleasure,” Ben commented. “£20,000 Fern is an amazing amount of money, will you tell me about the charity it’s going to go to?”

Fern explained: “Yes, it’s called Shuktara Trust UK, it’s based in Kolkata in India and they used to have just a boys’ home – so for those children who are very badly disabled in India and sometimes parents have to give them up or they’re abandoned – they take the children in, they might have cerebral palsy or be blind or all sorts of things.

“And they’ve just started a girls’ home as well, and I’m so grateful, thank you, thank you.”

“It’s going to make a big difference, isn’t it?” Ben commented, adding: ” And you did it was such style, well done.”

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