Shaun Ryder tells This Morning that band mate Bez once turned down Julia Roberts

Shaun Ryder tells This Morning that band mate Bez once turned down Julia Roberts


As bands go, Happy Mondays have their fair share of funny stories and antics over the years, and on This Morning Shaun Ryder shared a tale about his bandmate Bez.

From the sounds of it, the hilarious musician narrowly missed out on the chance to be Mr Julia Roberts.

Shaun was joining Holly and Phil to talk about his new solo album, when he took a trip down memory lane about Bez’s opportunity.

“When we went to LA, the Julia Roberts movie Pretty Woman had only just come out, so she wasn’t the Julia Roberts, who everyone knows now,” he explained.

“I was in the Viper Room and Bez came over to me like ‘have you heard of Julie… Julia… Julie Jogerts?’ ‘Julia Roberts?’ ‘Yeah!’ He said she’d just asked him to go to her place, and he didn’t have a clue who she was” he laughed.

“He said she sent a bodyguard over, his name was something like Evil.

“He didn’t go back to her place because he had about four of the girls on the go in the club.”

“So he turned down Julia Roberts?!” gasped Holly.

“How does he feel about that now?” asked Phil.

Shaun laughed: “He’s Bez, isn’t he. It doesn’t really bother him.”

Better luck next time, Bez.

Shaun also talked about his appearances on Gogglebox with his mate.

“I get paid to drink beer and shout at the telly, which is one of my favourite things to do!"

He joked: "I mean, mine and Bez’s sexless marriage has been going on for forty years”

Shaun has been spending a lot of time at home over lockdown and joked that his wife wants him out of the house.

"My missus wants me out of the house for about five or six years! She's booked out much stuff now that she won't see me till about 2026."

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