Seven Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Peter Barlow's huge decision and Ray Crosby’s downfall

Seven Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Peter Barlow's huge decision and Ray Crosby’s downfall


PETER Barlow rejects a liver transplant from Daniel Osbourne next week in Coronation Street – and vows he wants to die on his own terms.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week on the cobbles…

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1. Faye battles a guilty conscience 

Faye tells Maria she’s battling a guilty conscience after attacking Adam thinking he was her rapist Ray.

Meanwhile, Tim grows suspicious when a police officer calls around and questions him about the bag found in Gary’s possession, revealing it contained the weapon used in the attack against Adam. 

Tim wonders whether Faye might know something about the bag, but the youngster denies everything. 

But when Faye heads over to Maria’s to spend the night there, Tim grows certain something isn’t right and follows her. 

2. Faye shocks Tim with a baby bombshell

Tim is stunned to see a pregnancy test when he bursts in and begs Faye to tell him what’s going on.

Faye tells Tim about how Ray tried to rape her – and how she fears she might be pregnant with his baby. 

She also reveals to Tim that she attacked Adam thinking he was Ray.

But what will the pregnancy test reveal?

3. Tim vows revenge against Ray

Tim is furious in the wake of Faye’s revelation and heads to visit Gary in prison, where he urges him to tell him enough details about Ray so they can go to the police. 

But Gary tells Tim that they need to keep quiet about Ray for Faye’s sake. 

Will Tim listen?

4. Roy jeopardises Ray's plans

Ray starts to worry next week when he discovers that Roy has sought legal advice and is threatening a judicial review of his planning application to destroy the cobbles.

When Ray tells Debbie that he bribed the Chairperson of the planning committee, she’s horrified and tells him he could end up in big trouble.

Might Roy force Ray to back down?

5. Peter rejects Daniel’s life-saving offer

Peter returns from Scotland with a glimmer of hope that his condition will improve next week. 

But when the doctor tells him that there’s been no improvement in his liver function, Peter reverts back to self-destruct mode and refuses Daniel Osbourne’s offer to be his liver donor if they’re a match. 

Peter decides he wants to die on his own terms and asks Adam to draw up an ‘Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment’ declaration. 

6. Peter takes a turn for the worse

Adam confides in Carla that he’s worried about Peter and urges her to see if she can change Peter’s mind.

But Peter only knocks back whisky in Carla’s face and tells her it’s too late for him, before storming off and drinking his sorrows in the ginnel. 

Steve and Ken later find Peter unconscious and drag him back to Ken’s, where Dr Gaddas reveals he’s suffering from hypothermia and needs to stay in and rest. 

Peter, however, refuses to listen and later storms out at his own peril.

7. Yasmeen warns Asha about Corey 

Yasmeen, who’s recently been haunted by the ghost of her abusive late husband Geoff,  overhears Corey bullying Asha next week and steps in to save the day.

Viewers will see Asha given a necklace for her birthday, which Corey later mocks in the cafe, telling her it would be better suited on a dog. 

Asha quickly takes it off but, when Corey leaves, Yasmeen pulls her to one side and tells her she deserves better. 

Will Asha listen to Yasmeen?

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