Selling Sunset Instagram rich list as stars earn THOUSANDS per post flaunting bikini selfies & posing on yacht holidays

Selling Sunset Instagram rich list as stars earn THOUSANDS per post flaunting bikini selfies & posing on yacht holidays


THEY all have what it takes to shift a Los Angeles mansion or three, but when it comes to their own brand, some stars of Selling Sunset have the gift of the gab more than others.

The hit Netflix show returns to our screens today – and the trailer revealed we can expect to see more drama than ever before.

The Oppenheim twins, Christine Quinn, and all her realtor colleagues are, of course, back, but there are some new additions, including Vanessa Villela, who’s replacing Davina Potratz on the sales floor.

Another new member of the team will be Emma Hernan, who was hired to cover Christine's listings while she was pregnant with her first baby.

But, while we’ve been patiently waiting for the fourth series of the show, the cast have been busy updating their social media.

And there have been babies born, new relationships in the form of Crishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim, and even a wedding between Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa.

But who can charge the most money when it comes to social media? TopMobileCasino analysed the Instagram profiles of all the cast and found out…

1. Chrishell Stause – £4,204 per post

In the last series of Selling Sunset, Chrishell Stause, 40, was left absolutely heartbroken when her This Is Us actor husband Justin Hartley dumped her out of the blue after three years.

While the show has been off air, it’s been revealed that Justin has already remarried actress Sofia Pernas, while Chrishell has moved on with her boss Jason Oppenheim.

Her dramatic love life, combined with her appearance on Dancing With The Stars – on which she was partnered with Gleb Savchenko – has led to her having 2.1 million Instagram followers.

And, as the most-followed Selling Sunset star, she can expect to earn an average of £4,203.87 per sponsored Instagram post. 

This would mean that Chrishell would need to post only 94 sponsored posts to make the equivalent of her highest commission on the show – £397,323.94 ($539,670)!

2. Christine Quinn – £3,889 per post

She may be the ‘villain’ of the show, but Christine Quinn, 31, is the second most influential person on Selling Sunset, raking in an average of £3,888.93 per sponsored Instagram post. 

This is due to her following of two million on Instagram and an engagement rate of 3.17%.

And it’s very likely that people have rushed to follow her due to her luxurious traveling around the world, glamorous, Barbie-like looks and OTT fashion sense.

Plus, now she’s a mum to six-month-old Christian, it’s likely that her fans will be desperate to see what her son looks like and how she dresses him too.

3. Heather Rae Young – £3,588 per post

In the last series of Selling Sunset, Heather Rae Young, 34, had just got engaged to Flip or Flop host Tarek El Moussa, 40, after just one year of dating.

The couple have since got married in a dream Santa Barbara wedding, and went on honeymoon to the luxurious Maldives.

Due to her lavish lifestyle, Heather has a following of over two million, and can expect to earn an average of £3,587.87 per post, making her the third most influential agent on the show. 

4. Mary Fitzgerald – £2,571 per post

Mary Fitzgerald filed for bankruptcy and owed creditors $139,700 (£103,509) before she joined her ex-boyfriend Jason’s real estate group.  

But now, the 39-year-old realtor could charge an average of £2,571.43 per sponsored post, as she has a total of 1.3 million followers on Instagram. 

Fans of the show clearly want an insight into her marriage with 26-year-old Romain Bonnet.

5. Jason Oppenheim – £2,464 per post

Jason Oppenheim, 44, co-owns The Oppenheim Group with his twin brother Brett, so it’s likely he’s getting paid a hell of a lot more than his co-stars in his day job.

But, he can still earn £2,464.01 per sponsored post based on his following of 848,000 on Instagram to top up his fortune. 

His following increased once he and Chrishell announced in July that they were dating, meaning the couple could have a combined earning of £6,667.88 every time they both post sponsored content.

6. Maya Vander – £2,404 per post

Maya Vander, 38, has previously insisted she didn’t get as much screen time as she’d have liked in the last series of Selling Sunset, as Chrishelle’s divorce storyline overshadowed everyone else.

And it seems fans felt they didn’t get to know her too, as Maya is nowhere near as popular on social media as Chrishelle, with 829,000 followers.

She’s likely to earn £2,404 per post on her Instagram.

7. Amanza Smith – £1,439 per post

In the last series of Selling Sunset, Amanza Smith, 43, opened up about going to court to obtain full custody of her children, Noah, 11, and Braker, nine, who she shares with ex-husband Ralph Brown.

Since then, she has won sole custody of the kids, but unfortunately she doesn’t have as many followers on social media as her co-stars.

For this reason, she can charge £1,439 per post.

8. Brett Oppenheim – £1,365 per post

Like his twin Jason, Brett Oppenheim, 44, is already making millions as the owner of the Oppenheim Group.

But he can still make an extra £1,365 per post, thanks to his 469,000 followers on Instagram.

The reason he’s not as popular as his brother is most likely due to the fact that, while he does have a girlfriend, Tina Louise, she’s not appeared on Selling Sunset yet.

Romain Bonnet – £859 per post

Despite being extremely good-looking, Mary’s model husband Romain only has 295,000 followers – a fraction of his wife’s total.

He can earn £859 per post.

But, together with Mary, they can earn almost £3,400 per post.

Davina Potratz – £474 per post

The least influential star of Selling Sunset is Davina Potratz, most known for the $75 million house that she is still yet to sell. 

Davina, 42, can still make plenty of income through using Instagram, being able to charge £474.24 per sponsored post based on her follower count of 163,000.

Although she’s quit the Oppenheim Group, she’ll still be seen in the upcoming series.

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