Ronnie Archer Morgan age: How old is Antiques Roadshow expert Ronnie Archer Morgan?

Ronnie Archer Morgan age: How old is Antiques Roadshow expert Ronnie Archer Morgan?


Antiques Roadshow: Guest shocked by value of Rolex watch

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Antiques Roadshow returns to BBC One this weekend and the repeat episode will take place near the V&A Dundee design museum in Scotland. A collection of Canadian First Nations embroidered clothing catches Ronnie Archer Morgan’s eye. has all you need to know about how old the expert is.

How old is Ronnie Archer Morgan?

Fiona Bruce will return to host the programme as she uncovers the story of Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott.

Meanwhile, the experts will be on hand to value some antiques brought along by members of the public.

Ronnie Archer Morgan has been working in the antiques business for years and he joined Antiques Roadshow in 2011.

He works as an independent specialist for private clients and galleries and has an interest in tribal and folk art.

Ronnie was born in 1951 in the USA, making him roughly 70 years old.

He was not always destined for a career in antiques, as he used to work as a hairdresser for films and TV adverts.

Still, he would bring back bargains from antiques shops that would impress his clients.

The expert became a consultant at Sotheby’s, specialising in watches and costume jewellery.

One of his favourite items from his own collection is a late 19th Century life-size oil portrait of the 13th Dalai Lama.

He said one of his most exciting finds was a Fijian war club brought along to Scarborough in 2012, worth £35,000.

Outside of work, the expert has a passion for collecting music records from all genres.

He left school when he was 17 and had a wide range of jobs before honing in on the antiques business.

Speaking to Homes and Antiques, he said: “I gradually realised that I had an eye for unusual things and people liked my taste.

“My client list expanded, and my dealing career gradually took over.”

He said he was drawn to items that were “unfamiliar” as he was keen to find out more.

In his early days he had a passion for fashion and specialised in men’s accessories.

He was known as Ronnie the Watch as he dealt in wristwatches.

The expert said: “One of my most exciting discoveries was a tonneau-shaped single button chronograph, a Cartier Tortue 1913, which I bought from a dealer in Portobello.

“It wasn’t signed but I recognised it as being a very rare watch by Cartier.”

Since appearing on Antiques Roadshow his attention moved to tribal and ethnic art.

He said the show had given him access to plenty of interesting people and items.

Ronnie may not have had his eye on the antiques business in the first instance, but he was keen to learn everything he could.

He would visit museums and read books, admitting he learned a lot from other specialist dealers.

It may seem like a lot of work, but the star said researching things still gives him great pleasure.

Antiques Roadshow airs on BBC Two on Sundays at 7pm.

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